Brazil sent a letter to FIFA president: Missing the penalty should be invalid why not lose the ball VAR?

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 19 report: After the 1-1 draw with Switzerland, the President of the Brazilian Football Association quickly to FIFA Infante Tarantino sent an open letter。For two controversial referee, Brazil requested FIFA to provide VRA video, and asked FIFA "VAR in the end can be used when"。 Two unhappy Brazilian Football Association, focused on the ball and a penalty not sentenced on。In the first 50 minutes, the Swiss team to tie the game Zubair。Prior headed home, Zubair first hands gently pushed Miranda in front of his body。Brazil team protests the penalty, but the referee determined goals effectively。At 74 minutes, it reached the right Jesus Swiss restricted, and fell to the ground after the physical contact with the A Kanji。It is obvious from the slow motion, the A Kanji left hand hold Jesus, and both legs have contact with。The results referee refused a penalty, but still refused to resort VAR system。CBF therefore sent an open letter to the President of FIFA, and asked, "What is the use of a standard VAR"。In the battle of France and Australia, the French get a key penalty kick by VAR playback。Why when Brazil on key penalty protested when the referee did not plan to look back at it VAR?