Lippi: I chose the wrong training list and the first player no fighting

  0-6, the Chinese team to a defeat ended the first game of the China Cup。
March 22, 2018 at the China Cup first match day, the Chinese team against Wales team, the result of the game Chinese team lost a large margin 0-6。 This result is also natural for coach Marcello Lippi was very disappointed。
  After the game, Lippi still had invited the media to direct questions, not only this time adding a silver fox intriguing words: too much to say, or ask it directly。   So, the question from the media score 0-6 start directly when asked whether this result was unexpected, it will not affect him and the players self-confidence, first Lippi said: thought possible before the game there will be a variety of results, because the opponents are very strong, as a coach I want to take full responsibility for。 But the performance of my players so I am not satisfied with their performance surprised me is the。
  Then Lippi particular, said: "I have two errors, a training list of the players selected, another is starting the game the player's choice。
"Obviously, for Lippi who played the first half performance was very disappointed, even regret their move into the training period。
  Subsequently, Lippi went on to say: I do not want to say about this game how about offensive or defensive performance, the most important thing is that I thought the players sound footing, as well as a month's time, I will be 70 years old, but I will continue in the front line, when I was the head coach, because I love this job。 But I want to do the job, I need to see my players morale, but if I can not show it mobilized the players love of the work, my work has become very difficult。
(The static from the bottom of Nanning)。