What kind of food you can protect the liver?

The liver is a very important part of the human body, the human body is very important detoxification organ, if the liver is not good, the body of toxins it very much, Liver is a lot of people are very important things, by now, more food good protect the efficacy of the liver, then three dishes which can protect the liver it?Our liver is an important detoxification organ, the liver is not good, the accumulation of toxins, the more disease, and to the corresponding Liver Health can eat some food, such as chrysanthemum, lotus seeds, wolfberry, you can also try to raise the following three liver liver therapeutic side。1, chrysanthemum jelly porridge wolfberry wolfberry 20G, chrysanthemum 10g, 10g, jelly, honey, an appropriate amount of 60 grams of rice。
Amoy Wash the glutinous rice into the pot, white fungus, chrysanthemum also washed into the pot, add the right amount of water to boil, then boil over low heat Ruannuo white fungus, wolfberry into the next, then low heat cook about 10 minutes to。
It can be based on personal taste when eating into the amount of honey to taste。
2, double flowers 80G rice porridge, Plum 5 g (dry product), Rosa flower 5 g (dry product), first washed rice, gruel into the pot, and then added crumple plum, Rosa flower , boil for about 3 minutes can be based on personal taste by adding rock sugar to taste。Double flowers gruel is very suitable for those who eat poor appetite, can Shugan gas, stimulate appetite, eating healthy person is spiritual multiplication。