Shandong Representative dishes approach spicy peach shrimp how to eat well

There are many on behalf of Shandong dishes, but the taste is very unique, in fact, at home can also make authentic Shandong cuisine, Shandong cuisine traditional practices which then have it?Then we come to learn the practice of Shandong。 Spicy peach shrimp Ingredients: peach shrimp 200 grams Accessories: right amount of oil, salt to taste, pepper amount, the amount of hemp pepper, bay leaves amount, the amount of dried red peppers, onion amount, the amount of powder, flour [practice] 1.Preparation of food (peach shrimp are already cooked add light salt of the) 2.Corn meal flour in half, caught in pots and shrimp together。 3.Until completely blended with the clutch, each shrimp surface are covered with a thin layer of batter。 (Due to the shrimp moist skin, so do not add water) 4.Till the Bacheng hot oil pot, frying shrimp into the skin to remove yellowish crisp。 Fives.Pepper Ma pepper and red pepper dry cleaning fish out of water。
6.Together with the amount of oil into the pot, add bay leaves and slowly stir Stir fragrance。
7.Add a little spring onion saute。
8.The fried shrimp into the pot, stir fry mix。
9.Transfer to a plate to eat off the heat。 Representative dishes Shandong practice bubble juice octopus Ingredients: octopus two materials: oil amount, amount of salt, the amount of vinegar, 2 tablespoons sweet bean paste, oyster spoon, spoon sauce, the amount of sugar, dried red peppers amount, amount of onion, ginger amount, pepper to taste, cooking wine appropriate approach [1].The octopus cut into inch segments, add wine slightly pickled onion pepper ten minutes 2.The marinated octopus water with kitchen paper exhaustion。