Halloween pumpkin this health food, Bu Zhong Yi Qi hypoglycemic

Pumpkin decorations Halloween is not just for the occasion, young and old alike itself is a health food, contain vitamin E, chromium, β- carotene, pectin and other ingredients, as well as help lower blood sugar。Chinese medicine practitioners point out that mild, nutritious pumpkin is suitable for diabetes, high blood pressure patients and the elderly eat。Recommended a "pumpkin barley porridge", the whole family can eat healthy!Pumpkin is nutritious health food, people may wish to ingest the amount of pumpkins at Halloween, healthy and occasion。
Pumpkin good health food since ancient times, the ancient and even "hot days half a melon, Chinese medicine do not grasp," the proverb。
In the "Compendium of Materia Medica", the Li even pumpkin and Ganoderma lucidum together, we can see quite excellent health benefits of pumpkin。
Pumpkin nutrient-rich anti-aging antioxidant helps Pumpkin is rich in carbohydrates, minerals, trace elements, and low in fat, can be said to be a high calcium, high zinc, high-speed, low-sodium foods, to maintain body circulation Metabolism plays an important role, but also help prevent osteoporosis, prevention of hypertension。
In addition, Chinese medicine practitioners Zhouzong Han pointed out, Pumpkin is also rich in pectin, has a good adsorption, can eliminate sticking and the body of bacteria, toxins, heavy metals, radioactive elements and other substances。
Pumpkin is also rich in vitamin é and β- carotene, have antioxidant effects, can protect the body away too many free radicals and peroxides damage, but also help fight aging。
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