Canada shows good Chinese oil and gas resources shouted: do not discriminate against foreign companies

Wang Lin to participate in APEC (APEC) Finance Ministers Meeting held in Beijing on the 21st and 22nd Canadian Finance Minister Joe Oliver (JoeOliver) 20 evening speech to Chinese and Canadian business community in the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, which he since March this year, served as finance minister for the first time to visit China。  Oliver said business remains the cornerstone of Sino-Canadian bilateral relations。Canada fully open for business, welcomes foreign investment。The 1.4 billion Chinese consumer market will also bring business opportunities in Canada。  Canada Energy complementary strategic significance before being appointed as finance minister, from 2011, Oliver has served as Minister of Natural Resources。He said that in the Governor General of Canada, accompanied by Johnston's visit to China last year, China and Canada to discuss issues in the energy sector complementarity with Chinese President Xi Jinping。"Canada needs to achieve market diversification strategy, China has a strategic interest in the diversification of energy supply。"Canada is the world's seventh largest producer of crude oil, crude oil proven reserves ranks second in the world, is also the third largest natural gas producer, the third largest hydroelectric power and the country's largest uranium producer, is also by far the largest US energy resource suppliers。Canada second only to Saudi Arabia, the world's second largest proven crude oil reserves of 1760 billion barrels, of which 1700 million barrels of oil sands。  North American shale gas revolution has changed the global energy mix, and demand for Canada's role as the nation's largest energy resource supply as the country will reduce US domestic energy development costs and weaker。Consequently, Canada will be China, Japan, South Korea and other Asian energy market as a diversified energy export target。  In recent years, Chinese enterprises mergers and acquisitions in the Canadian energy and other areas of mineral very active。2013 CNOOC twists and turns, to $ 15.1 billion acquisition of Canadian oil company Nexen, is by far the largest Chinese overseas investment projects。  Compared to the relatively simple resource trade, Canada's attitude toward foreign investment and development areas of the country's resources become more cautious after the CNOOC bid for Nexen。  But Oliver said in his speech: "Canada is a stable democracy, abide by the contract obligation, once the investment is approved, will not discriminate against foreign companies。Canada welcomes foreign investment。Canada fully open for business。"Canada's current policy is to increase the proportion of local companies in the resource shares in the joint venture, the lowest point for 51%, foreign companies can not grasp more than half of the shares。  Canadian Ambassador Zhao Pu stressed that Canada is very broad prospects for energy cooperation。Only oil sands mining is limited, fewer restrictions other energy。For example, the Canadian cooperation opportunities in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) is large。The next few years, the provincial capital of British Columbia conducted a lot LNG project, with Chinese company already has a lot of consultation。Over time China will export more natural gas instead of coal, improve air quality。  The future of the world economy in the Asia-Pacific Oliver's visit is to participate in the APEC finance ministers meeting this week in Beijing。Oliver said he would pass on information in three areas of finance ministers meeting, that share the successful experience of the Canadian economy, he stressed the difficulties in the face of all countries in the face of weak global economy, as well as the need for coordinated response to the challenges and opportunities。  Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei interview introduction, APEC finance ministers meeting four issues are, "Macroeconomic Situation and Prospects region", "infrastructure investment and financing cooperation", "promoting economic restructuring and reform of fiscal policy" and "financial support regional economic development entities."。  Oliver expressed, APEC is a forum for Pacific Rim economies to expand trade and strengthen economic cooperation。"In many ways, the future of the world economy right here in the Pacific Rim – especially in China。"He said.。APEC represents 40 percent of the world's population, 44% of international trade and 54% of the global economy。  Oliver citing data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) said that in the next 25 years, more than 90% of global growth will come from non-OECD countries, most of which will come from China。  "In the near future, China is expected to become the world's largest economy。China's growing middle class – a market with 14 million consumers will bring enormous business opportunities in Canada。"Oliver representation。  By the end of 2013, total Canadian direct investment in China amounted to 4.9 billion Canadian dollars (about 264.600 million yuan), is about six times that of 10 years ago。  Canada's capital is a good place for Oliver in his speech, did not forget to promote Chinese enterprises to go to Canada Investment。In his view, the reason Chinese investors eager to enter the Canadian market, "easy to understand"。  Oliver said, indisputably one of the best parts of Canada investment or business expansion。In fact, in terms of commercial appeal, there are institutions will enhance Canada's ranking from sixth to second place, behind Hong Kong, China。  Canada has a rich consumer market。Canada's middle class is one of the richest developed countries。This is also the reason aspects of taxation。According to KPMG statistics, total Canadian sales tax cost of the Group of Seven (G7) in the lowest 46% lower than in the US。And that the government is committed to continue to reduce tax-related, including the consumption tax, income tax and sales tax。  The world's 11th ranked total economy of developed countries, Canada is the first out of the 2008 financial crisis。IMF [microblogging] (IMF [microblogging]) and the OECD (OECD) predicted that Canada in 2014 and mid-2015 will be one of the strongest economic growth in the G7 countries。For seven consecutive years the World Economic Forum ranked Canada's banking system the soundest in the world system。Net debt to GDP ratio in Canada is less than half the average of G7 partners。  Oliver stressed that credit rating agencies gave the highest rating to the Canadian Class 3A, and the outlook to stable。"Only a few countries enjoy this rating。"Oliver said.。He also stressed that the Government of Canada is expected to achieve a balanced budget in mid-2015。