Cycling and disadvantages do these things to be careful

REVIEW cycling and disadvantages of it as a big country bikes, bicycles can be described in our streets can see, it is a very environmentally friendly and healthy means of transport, while in the Olympics project which also has bicycle shadow。
So cyclists will do no harm following small series to tell us something about the disadvantages cycling, these things have to be careful oh!Cycling has a downside it, can not be ignored injuries: fractures and traumatic brain injury causes: rocky road, excessive speed, non-compliance with traffic rules。 On the rocky road stiffening ride, up and down bumps, collisions may cause coccyx fracture。
People and cars grab Road, rampage, red light running, biking or cycling Da Saba case of an emergency, the rider can lose balance due to stress, coupled with fast speed and inertia of the car, tend to brake the car, leaning forward towards the ground, causing head injuries。
Second, it should be noted that the damage: the cause of cervical and lumbar spine injuries: The main problem is riding position。
When the rider excessive physical forward (such as riding sports car), in order to observe the front, is bound to rise Yang neck, which is a forced posture can cause neck muscle tension。 Cycling the heaviest burden on the waist。 Therefore, long distance cycling may lead to cervical and lumbar muscle strain。 Cycling Strategies When long time to pay attention to riding position transform。
Correct riding position lower upper body, head slightly inclined forwardly; natural flexion arms, waist bow facilitate flexion, decreased body weight, while preventing the impact force due to the turbulence generated pass to the car body。
Light and strong grip with both hands, buttocks firmly secured car seat。
In order to ensure the correct riding position, must be based on their actual situation, select the vehicle make, adjust seat selection, adjust seat and handlebar。 Third, needless harm argued: opponent damage cycling reason it has disadvantages: the pressure is mainly a long limb and riding minimal amount of motion, resulting in reduced blood circulation in the upper limbs。
Many people will feel his hands after the long ride wooden hemp, soreness, weakness, and even hold a pencil, with chopsticks meal will also be affected, doctors call this condition "cubit tunnel syndrome."。
Ulnar palm and wrist at an intersection of a cubit tube, and a pea fiber pea-sized bone composition, whereby the tube passes through the ulnar nerve, the distribution of hand ulnar。 If the rider gripping the handlebar with both hands, and the handle in contact with the ulnar palm, pea bone which home card, when pedaling uphill or against the wind, speed, leaning forward, the wrist dorsiflexion bound over the ulnar nerve is pulled; upper supporting force is increased at the same time, the pressure in the tube cubit also increased, thus causing the symptoms。
Strategies for a long time when riding off every hour or so should look at the activities of upper limb。
In addition to strengthening exercises for the upper body, such as to shoot basketball, dumbbell。
Fourth, probably less harmful: urolithiasis。