PK Manchester City Manchester United Arsenal Juventus general the other dig 57 million Euro price tag

  This year's summer transfer window move to the implementation of the New Deal, August 9 window will close。 Therefore, the major giants have started gearing up to move ahead, "Mirror" message, Manchester United have been aimed at the Arsenal right-back Hector – Beilai Lin。
  Spain standing fast Mabeilailin two seasons at the Gunners have down around his transfer is not news after another。 Manchester United and Juventus are aiming gunman right back。 Now 23 years old, he still has a certain potential。
It is reported that Wenger is willing to sell Beilai Lin to get money to help rebuild the team。 Arsenal willing to listen to the outside world to bid on the price of 50 million pounds for the Beilai Lin (57 million euros), Beilai Lin is considered one of European football's most promising players。   Manchester City are also interested to Beilai Lin there, but last year signed Kyle – after Walker, they do not know how much interest there is for Beilai Lin。
Indicated in the message, Arsenal hopes to introduce goalkeeper in the summer, as well as avant-garde in the guard position players, if the right offer appears, they will sell Spain Houwei Bei Laylin。   Beilai Lin this season in all competitions for Arsenal in 37 appearances, starting 36 times。
Harvest three goals, two assists and six yellow cards。