A Department of Commerce press conference paper read: CE for foreign investment in general are not affected

Click to watch the afternoon of March 11, Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan, Vice Minister Wang by Deputy Minister Wen Qian Keming answered Chinese and foreign reporters on issues related to "structural adjustment reform and opening up innovation-driven development" questions。Ministry of Commerce led the development of China's foreign trade, the enterprises "going out", and other hot issues of Sino-US economic and trade relations have responded。  On the development of foreign trade: this uncertain and unstable factors a lot of Zhongshan: Foreign trade is an important engine of economic growth in our country。Since the reform and opening up, from small to big foreign trade to achieve development, the scale of China's foreign trade in 1979 from $ 20.6 million last year to develop 3.$ 6.9 trillion has become a veritable trading power。  According to statistics, the number of jobs related to foreign trade led to more than 1.800 million people, foreign trade taxes accounted for 18% of the total national tax。In short, the development of foreign trade is related to economic and social development。  This year's 1–2 months, China's total increased by 20.6%, which is rare in recent years。I think the most fundamental reason is our country's foreign trade in recent years, "turning force, structural adjustment", to promote the development of foreign trade through innovation seen the results。  As the momentum of foreign trade development is not possible continuation of the problem, which is that we are very much looking forward。But this year's foreign trade development uncertain and unstable factors have a lot of。Although the economic environment is still a big challenge for us, but we have the confidence and determination to achieve the government work report this year, the import and export of stabilization among the better goal made。  Next, we will force the supply side, insist on innovation-driven, always grasp the "turning force, structural adjustment" of this fundamental policy, long term, accelerating the development of new competitive advantages in foreign trade, China's foreign trade to achieve by the quantity expansion to quality improvement, we continue to consolidate trading nation status of our country, promote the process of China's trade power。  Trade dream of power, we will be able to achieve。  To talk about his economic and trade relations with China – US: trade war more harm than good Zhongshan: Sino-US economic and trade relations have an impact on the global。China and the US are the two largest economies, bilateral relations, especially economic and trade relations to the world, not only will affect the economic and social development between the two countries, but will also affect all aspects of global trade and investment。  Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, bilateral economic and trade relations have developed in the right direction。2016, bilateral trade in goods reached $ 519.6 billion, and in 1979 when we established diplomatic relations compared to an increase of 207 times。Bilateral trade in services has exceeded $ 110 billion, two-way investment has accumulated more than $ 170 billion。It can be said, Sino-US relations has formed a "you have me, I have you" pattern of converging interests。  Many American friends, the Western friends think China can not do without the United States, I think they are half right, the same, the United States needs China。The last decade, US exports to China's speed is much faster than the rate of Chinese exports to the US。Specifically, the average annual US exports to China grew by 11%, while Chinese exports to the US average annual growth rate of only 6.6%。These fully demonstrated that China and the US are very important to each other。  When the phone Trump and President Xi Jinping stressed that cooperation is the only correct choice for the two countries。Trade war does not meet the fundamental interests of both countries and peoples, we can say there are a hundred more harm than good。Both sides should have the interest of the two countries and two peoples and strengthen cooperation, control differences, to play the role of good relations between the two countries in economic and trade cooperation among the "ballast stone" and "propeller" of。  About the new US Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Ross, I was the first time he took office to send a congratulatory message, I look forward to meet him, I think we will have time to meet。I noticed that Mr. Ross had been a good entrepreneur, is a negotiator, I can say he is very good。I am willing and good people to deal with, because good people are good at long term and strategic thinking up。Mr. Ross and I are the Secretary of Commerce of the United States and China, our common task is to strengthen cooperation, control differences and achieve economic and trade relations between the two countries a healthy, stable and sustainable development。  I believe that the leaders of the two countries, both governments, Sino-US bilateral trade relationship, there will be a correct judgment, that is, whether bilateral economic and trade relations conforms to the fundamental interests of both countries。In this regard, I think certainly by efforts to make the right direction to develop economic and trade relations between the two countries, any protectionist is not in our national interests。   – Russia: economic and trade cooperation between the two countries continue to strengthen in Zhongshan: Russia, China is a very important neighbor, political trust between the two countries continues to deepen bilateral economic and trade cooperation continue to strengthen personnel exchanges between the two countries also more and more。Therefore, bilateral relations are very good, is the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation。  There are many mechanisms between China and Russia, among these mechanisms in bilateral cooperation has played a very important role。It should be said that it is very smooth bilateral cooperation, both sides are satisfied。The future is very bright。   – Africa: the future cooperation will be more and more money Keming: Last year, Chinese enterprises new increase in non-investment probably about $ 3.2 billion, has invested in manufacturing, construction, etc.。In addition there are Chinese aid to Africa, we are counting from the mid-2015, over the next three years to invest a total of "Ten Cooperation Program" $ 60 billion, which is the official。Private investment but also far beyond it。  With the self-development and self-governance in Africa growing ability, potential for cooperation between China and Africa will be larger in the future there will be more and more Chinese enterprises to invest in Africa。  Economic and trade cooperation between China and Africa is comprehensive。For the reporter said, "China to Africa as a market and source of raw materials", I would like to correct, China's current investment in Africa a lot, in many enterprises in Africa, there are labor-intensive, there are some construction companies, they Yaghi through the construction of the railway, including the last of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway, Africa's infrastructure interoperability, Chinese companies which make contributions for all to see。  I want to emphasize that, in the past some Western countries is completely put Africa as a source of raw materials or products, dumping the market, with little participation of African local infrastructure construction and the development of local industry。But today, Chinese enterprises to go, the situation has changed, on the one hand China to sell products through the development of trade, more importantly, through investment, helping create local jobs, improve infrastructure, and even create foreign exchange。  China said earlier that there are many products exported to Africa, found that some non-durable, or product quality problems。Of course undeniable that China's manufacturing industry is among the slowly developing process, individual companies may appear exports to Africa is to have quality problems。But I want to emphasize that most of the products are exported to Africa or the local market by the welcome is cheap。Ministry of Commerce jointly with relevant departments also implemented a "breeze" action is to prevent enterprises from some poor product sales go to foreign markets。We have established a mechanism for bilateral economic and trade cooperation even went to a lot of countries in Africa, through these mechanisms can overcome some of the problems just mentioned。At the same time, we also stressed that Chinese enterprises to invest in Africa to fulfill their social responsibility to help local human resources training, some aid work, but also help protect the local environment, reduce pollution, which are in progress。   – China and the Philippines: Over the past six months the two countries have invested great enthusiasm Zhongshan: A few days ago I went to the Philippines, the main tasks and objectives is to implement the consensus reached by leaders of the two countries and promote bilateral economic and trade ties and consolidate the good momentum in Sino-Philippine relations。  Last October, President Walter Dutt successful visit to China, the two heads of state on the comprehensive development of Sino-Philippine relations and reached broad consensus on bilateral relations back on the right track of development。The past six months, bilateral relations between our two countries, especially the rapid development of bilateral economic and trade relations。The rapid growth of bilateral trade, mutual investment enthusiasm, which fully shows that two heads of state made a political decision is correct, is to get the support of the two peoples。  I met with President trip Dutt Stewart, his current Sino-Philippine relations, especially economic and trade cooperation between China and the Philippines are very satisfied, and he also excited about the future。He said China is a friend and brother Philippines, China and the Philippines after a long "winter", and finally ushered in the "spring", he said we should embrace the "spring"。  During the visit, I also co-chaired the 28th Joint Commission on bilateral trade with the Minister of Trade and Industry of the Philippines, this mechanism has been interrupted for six years.。In fact, this is one of the Philippines most important bilateral economic and trade cooperation mechanism, this restored, greatly enhanced the confidence of the Filipino people。We also held a Chinese-funded enterprises in the Philippines forum。I also met with finance ministers and other six ministers of the Philippines, and they had a friendly, pragmatic, honest communication, to further strengthen economic and trade cooperation between China and the Philippines reached a consensus on many issues, mainly in trade, investment, park construction, major infrastructure terms of facilities, multilateral and regional cooperation。  On the trade front, Sino-Philippine trade a few years of slower growth due to various reasons, but in recent months began rapid growth momentum is very strong。This shows that our two products, there is a strong complementary trade。Chinese products are welcomed by the Filipino people get。Likewise, the Philippine agricultural products, such as fruits, aquatic products exports to China, but also the rapid growth, including banana has more than doubled。This is an example。  In addition, we mutually agreed to build industrial park in the Philippines。The Philippines has a population of 1 million, is accelerating industrialization。So, we have to build in the Philippines through the park to promote the modernization of the Philippines, industrialization。  I believe that under the two heads of state attaches great importance to Sino-Philippine relations will be better, faster development。Economic and trade cooperation between the two countries are bound to bear fruits again, for economic and social development of the two countries do contribute。  On the foreign investment: in the rate of foreign investment will not be affected in any normal Zhongshan: First, I want to emphasize that foreign-invested enterprises are normally not affected by any of。Now there are indeed some public opinion that China might be "cool," China does not encourage foreign investment, I think that public opinion is not accurate。The Chinese government has been encouraging the strength of enterprises to go out and participate in international competition and cooperation。Now we should say that since the implementation of the national strategy of going out, most of the enterprises in the process of going out, the performance is very good, is welcomed by the investor。  By 2016, China's foreign enterprises achieved sales totaled 1.$ 5 trillion, pay taxes to the host country $ 40 billion, employ 1.5 million foreign workers, we can see the development of Chinese enterprises overseas is good。  Of course, we do not rule out a small number of companies going out there blind, irrational behavior。Mainly refers to some companies do not have the strength nor the experience, to invest abroad and to unsustainable development, operation and management difficulties and problems have emerged, some companies have paid the price, some even to our country's image also had a negative impact。Therefore, we are blind, irrational investment is discouraged。Not only does not encourage, we need to regulate these companies。  We have an old saying, "line stability can only Zhiyuan," We want all parties efforts to make China's enterprises to go more stable, longer, better。  Talk to attract foreign investment: have confidence in the full year to complete the task of attracting foreign investment by Wang Wen: In January, China's actual use of foreign investment actually fell, but the data of foreign investment is increasing in February。Only a month or two months from the beginning of the year to determine the number, it is too early。Our annual foreign investment to complete the task is confident。  Reporters asked China to attract foreign investment now there is no advantage, it should be said, this advantage is still very strong, multifaceted。For example, the Chinese market last year, an increase of 10.4%, reaching 33 trillion yuan。This huge market for any business, of any foreign-funded enterprises are attractive。Who would not want to make a difference on such a large market it?  Second, China is very complete industrial chain, value chain is also very complete, any upstream downstream industries come in, you can find matching businesses。China's investment environment is getting better。More importantly, further opening up China's position has not changed。Not long ago, the State Council issued 20 measures to actively expand opening up foreign investment to further expand opening-up services, manufacturing, mining, opportunities for foreign investors will be more and more。  Foreign and Chinese enterprises fair competition will be getting better treatment。Previously, foreign companies are not able to participate in the development of China's domestic standards, foreign companies now have the opportunity。Previously in intellectual property protection, government procurement, payment of registered capital, and now funded enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises enjoy the same treatment。More importantly, the Chinese government made a clear commitment to foreign investment。General Secretary Xi Jinping spoke "three will not change", that is, we use foreign policy will not change, protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign-funded enterprises will not change the direction of foreign enterprises to invest in China to provide better services will not change。  Improve and enhance the ability to support industry laws and regulations, huge market potential, so that in the past two decades, China has maintained the first foreign investment in developing countries, so we have to keep attracting foreign investment for the future of China's considerable size still holds confidence。  Talk "along the way": CE cumulative investment in the countries along the more than $ 18.5 billion Zhongshan: "along the way" made more than three years, there have been more than 100 countries and international organizations to respond positively, there are already more than 50 countries and China We signed a related agreement。  This is more than three years, "all the way along the" results of cooperation exceeded our expectations。We follow "along the way" along the country's trade volume expanded last year, import and export volume has reached 6.30,000 billion yuan, growing faster than the overall growth rate of China's foreign trade。Two-way investment is also growing, along the country has become an important destination for foreign investment in our country。Last year, we direct investment "along the way" along the country reached US $ 14.5 billion。Chinese enterprises have been established in more than 20 countries along the 56 economic and trade cooperation zone, a total investment of more than $ 18.5 billion, as the host country increased by nearly $ 1.1 billion in revenue and 180,000 jobs。A number of major infrastructure projects are being steadily。"Made in China", "Chinese construction", "Chinese service" welcomed by more and more countries along。Similarly, along the country's products, services, technology, capital is pouring into China, let us see, "along the way" it is a win-win situation for such a very pleasing result。  Now, we are strengthening with the "along the way" along the national communication, efforts to promote business cooperation between countries, so that "all the way along the" building new developments, new results。In May this year, China will host "along the way" International Cooperation Forum, we are to do all the preparation work。During the Summit, we have to run parallel thematic sessions to promote the smooth flow of trade, the preparatory work is currently in progress and orderly。  On the consumer: to make people happy to buy, buy with confidence, to buy affordable Zhongshan: the expansion of domestic consumption is related to our country's economic and social development, related to millions of households。In recent years, the role of consumption to economic growth growing。Last year, the contribution of consumption to economic growth in our country has reached 64.6%, total retail sales of consumer goods exceeded 33 trillion yuan, ranking second in the world。Tourism is one of the fastest growing consumer inside, but there is great potential for tourism spending。In the past, many countries believe that China's economic growth depends on investment, exports of these two, too weak consumption。But today, China's consumption has become the first national economic growth pulling power, to achieve a historic transformation。  In the process of expanding domestic demand, we also found that there are many shortcomings, such as lack of effective supply of goods and services both, so when it comes to some of our reporters have to go abroad to the consumer, and this is our effective problems caused by inadequate supply。Also, we have enough domestic and foreign trade integration, commercial layout is not reasonable, underdeveloped infrastructure, high distribution costs。These are our expanding consumption among short board, should make great efforts to solve。  First of all, we want to further expand the effective supply, so that people buy happy。Key in this regard is to promote the supply side reforms to meet the personalized, diversified consumer demand。Application of new technologies big data, cloud computing, so that businesses keep abreast of consumer demand, increase varieties, improve quality, create brand, so that people can buy what he wants to buy, so that our people buy happy。  Second, improve the quality of supply, so that people buy with confidence。Product safety and quality of service has always been most concerned about consumer issues。The past three years, we have dealt with the criminal cases of infringement and counterfeiting, more than 1 million, more than 80,000 judgments。The intensity is quite large, infringement and counterfeiting crimes momentum has been effectively curbed。Next, we will further strengthen its efforts to create a more secure environment for consumption, so that people consume at ease。  Third, reduce costs make up the short board, so that people buy benefits。One of the reasons we have high commodity prices, it is important that distribution costs are too high。It is estimated that the total social logistics costs account for the proportion declined by one percentage point, you can save logistics costs 750 billion yuan。The money saved, they can most likely give consumers。This is for consumers, is a big gospel。Therefore, we will accelerate the flow of information, standardization, intensive construction, the real distribution costs go down, so that people get benefits。  Fourth, to promote the flow of innovation, so that people buy convenience。Focusing on convenience。I am afraid we have online ordering, online shopping experience, I think we should have a common feeling, more convenient consumption。This is the "Internet + circulation" has brought us real benefits。We will continue to drive innovation in the field of circulation, promote the integration of online and offline development, promote electricity business into the community, into the rural areas, so that the majority of consumer spending is more convenient。  In short, our goal is to further release the potential of domestic consumption, and enhance the role of consumption to economic growth。  On the Construction of Guangdong Free Trade Area and other: is negotiating trade and investment agreements signed between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao by Wen Wang: Last year, the Sino-Portuguese Forum at its fifth ministerial meeting was held in Macao, in this forum, China and Portuguese-speaking countries signed the relevant a series of agreements, not only to promote economic and trade cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, but also pay attention to give full play to the role of Macau, Macau development which will play a very big role, reflects the concern of the central government for the development of Macao。  In order to support the construction of a large Bay Area, the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao signed the agreement on trade in services, since the agreement was signed some time, performs very well, the expansion of trade in services between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao has played a very important role。Currently, it signed an investment agreement being negotiated as well as economic and technical cooperation agreement between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao。Commerce Department also further increase the support for the free trade area experimental Guangdong, one sea front, one in Guangzhou Nansha, and one in Zhuhai Hengqin。Area have their own characteristics of the three free trade area experimental, but they have one thing in common, that is specifically for cooperation between Hong Kong and Macao, especially in Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao cooperation, this cooperation should be said also achieved very good results。  I believe that these measures taken by the Ministry of Commerce, will increase the attractiveness of the development of the Bay Area, the new chips will increase the prospects for the next big Bay Area。