Ants gold dress financing announced 14 billion dollars!Valued at 150 billion US Yuanmingyuan, or the year after AH-listed

June 8, 2018, the ants gold dress announced a new round of financing, the total financing of US $ 14 billion。  CSI Jun exclusively learned this the world's largest ever private equity financing since February 2018 after the Spring Festival started in just less than four months, but hit a record of more than。  ● ants gold dress valuation of $ 150 billion, the world's highest valuation of non-listed companies; ● is 1 second.9 times, can also be pre-ranked in the world's largest IPO into ten; ● institutional investors covering Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East and other countries or regions, globalization financing in the true sense; to informed sources, this round of financing or to ants listed gold before serving the final round of private financing, and expressed hope that next year after serving ant gold can be listed simultaneously in Hong Kong and A shares。  The world's leading capital gathered round of financing include both RMB funds from domestic investors, including ants gold dress wholly owned subsidiary – of dollars from international investors to raise the international ant。  In addition to the existing shareholders to continue with the cast, including the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, Malaysia's Khazanah, Warburg Pincus, Canadian pension fund investment firms, Silver Lake, Temasek, General Atlantic, T。RowePrice's fund, Carlyle Group, JanchorPartners, DiscoveryCapitalManagement and Baillie Gifford and other capital become the world's leading new strategic investor。  Financing will be used to expand the global Alipay relevant person in charge of ants gold dress exclusively revealed on CSI Jun, the current round of financing will be used to expand Alipay globalization, the world's leading independent research investment and talent recruitment, so as to enhance its Alipay Pratt & Whitney ability of partners to provide financial services to small businesses and consumers around the world。In addition, funds will also be used to nurture local talents emerging markets, boost local digital transformation, so that ordinary people can also enjoy the dividends of the digital economy。  Ants gold dress, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Well Yin Dong said: "Domestic and international investors are optimistic about the global competitiveness not only of ants gold dress and Alipay, more optimistic about China entered a new era of development opportunities。"As of March 31, 2018, the annual number of active users Alipay and its global partners have reached 8.700 million。  Well Yin Dong said: "The core technology is the driving force for the future, we will continue to strengthen in the layout block chain, artificial intelligence, security, networking and cloud computing, with technology-driven financial services industry, including modern services, including industry, and to further create an open ecosystem, through investment in technology and innovation, looking for partners in different countries。"Foreign investment should not be underestimated ants gold dress foreign investment can not be underestimated。It is understood that the ants Investment past five years invested in over 100 companies, mainly covering travel, food, education, labor, taxation, insurance,, small loans, shared services, payment and other areas of intelligence, work for mainstream services and consumption scenarios small and micro customers to provide technology-enabled。  On investment, ants gold dress hardly seek Holdings, generally 10%?20% of the shares of open cooperation with the CIC。  On the survival rate and investment rate of return, the ants gold dress has invested more than a dozen unicorns hatch, most startups have carried out follow-B round of financing and more。  In the investment area, the ants gold dress in Southeast Asia to support local Alipay wallet: November 2016 strategic investment in Thailand payment companies AscendMoney; 2017 Nian 2 2007 Note Philippines capital digital finance company Mynt。Two months later, with Indonesia EMTEK Group set up a joint mobile payment company。  Ant Financial Services Group started Alipay established in mid-2004。In October 2014, was formally established ants gold dress。There's gold suit ant Alipay, balance treasure, network operators, banks, flower chanting ants, and other sub-credit sesame business segments。  Public information, ants gold dress A round of financing in 2015 July 18.$ 500 million。April 2016, B round of financing in excess of $ 4.5 billion, the Chinese investment overseas and Jianxin Trust lead investor。  Related reports (Original title: "Unicorn" ants gold dress announced financing of $ 14 billion!Valuation of $ 150 billion in the next two years or AH-listed) (Editor: DF010)