China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a document lasts 8 times strictly control financial risk or venture capital investment trends carefully

More than a month since April 10, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission bursts of eight notifications emphasis on risk prevention and control, serve the real economy。The industry believes that, in ensuring the financial security of the tone, regulators have tightened significantly, various types of risk investigation and rectification campaign will be launched。In terms of stock market investment, venture capital investment strategy will be more cautious。  Regulatory frequently "Sword" liquidity risk in the context of strictly controlling financial risks, the CIRC frequent campaigns to more than 30 days in 8 below, has held six thematic sessions, the current insurance industry is more prominent, the use of risk capital , strategic risks and new insurance business risk, external risk transfer, risk group events, the end of countless risks, risk capital is not real, reputational risk nine key areas "Sword"。  At present, about the use of venture capital investment, such as the risk of illegal fund-raising investigation is under way, more special operations will continue to fall。Insiders pointed out that prevention and control of financial risks, guide financial institutions and orderly deleveraging of the financial sector is the focus of the coming period。The insurance industry is in full surrender and Fu Gaofeng period to period, will continue to face greater cash outflow pressure, there are a few hidden liquidity risk management aggressive company。  CIRC relevant person in charge made it clear that the next step will be based on the principle of risk-oriented CIRC, the insurance agencies based on self-examination, concerned about the use of insurance funds major risk areas, focus on outstanding issues and insurance institutions exist to carry out on-site inspections continue。  Brokerage analysts, the strict supervision of insurance funds, adhere to deleveraging, to nest, to channel-oriented, strict supervision of various financial products investment of insurance funds, insurance funds into the stock market will be binding on。But to encourage long-term investment of insurance funds, the value of the investment policy direction has not changed, nor will a normal market investment behavior intervention。This time the long-term norm of insurance funds investment behavior, will help promote risk capital investment in the pursuit of long-term returns, but also conducive to the sound operation of the capital market。  To promote the responsible insurance firms homing series of anti-risk portfolio of insurance firms will be responsible to promote "Insurance surname guarantees" homing。  Standard & Poor's global rating recently published "strengthen risk prevention and control of the impact on China's insurance industry," the report predicts that from 2014 to 2016 some insurance company's rapid expansion is unlikely to repeat itself, instead, will be a focus on security function, and more unsustainable growth model。The insurance company will return to underwriting, reduce speculation, while the more prudent management of solvency。  For some insurance firms, the product structure optimization is imminent。China Insurance Regulatory Commission in early May impose penalties for prohibited to declare a new product within three months of life to bringing peace to show that the regulatory approach, review of the short duration of the product will be very strict。  This year, many insurance firms to vigorously promote the transformation and continuously optimize the structure of the life insurance business, new business value ratio continued to improve, long-term business of pay, health insurance and other support-type business accounted for a significant rise。Data show that the proportion of pay every year in the first quarter 2017, Xinhua and China Life new single premiums, respectively, from last year's 31.6% 44.4% up to 94.1% and 49.9%。  Hai Tong Securities research reports that the insurance industry liabilities side, end all to the good assets, significant improvement in the life insurance business structure。Liabilities end of 2017 insurance companies began to cut traditional insurance and participating insurance reservations, cut universal insurance settlement。End assets, investment yield pick-up, improve the allocation structure。Interest rates up significantly improve the level of new capital gains rate fixed income category, insurance companies, investment rate of return of stabilization and recovery。Investment rate of return rise, plus debt costs down, will inevitably enhance the insurance company spreads, help enhance profitability, insurance funds in 2017 is expected to yield 5.71%。  Related reports (Original title: strong regulation "mine" or venture capital investment more cautious) (Editor: DF309)