CSM responded to informed sources said it would be delisted from landing in Hong Kong or Singapore capital market

December 16 after "shell king" China Science & Merchants is delisted, single Xiangshuang Science & Merchants Group Chairman and CEO responded delisting is indeed a big setback on the internal letter, but the company has embarked on landing other capital related to the job market, on the 16th afternoon, according to media news, informed sources said the China Science & Merchants or landed in Hong Kong capital market. in addition, Singapore is also considered within the scope of。  December 15 evening, the National Shares of the Company issued a blockbuster announcement。Announcement shows that stocks will turn China Science & Merchants (832,168), Darren information management (831639) two listed companies forced to terminate the listing!According to regulations, the company decided to transfer shares on December 18, 2017 for the two companies to suspend the transfer of shares a day from December 26 to terminate the above two companies listed on the stock。  This means that the company shall not be financed by the national share transfer system financing behavior of companies in the country share transfer system is limited。In this regard, there is news that China Science & Merchants landed in Hong Kong or Singapore or the capital market。  Today, CSM chairman Single Xiangshuang respond to this incident, he says it has embarked on landing other capital markets-related work。  The following is the full text of Cheung double single statement: Dear Colleagues: I believe we have seen the share transfer system Notice of termination of the company listed for this result, although we have before the stage at the time and thought Shares of repeated communication systems preparedness and response plans , but the announcement came out tonight, quite suddenly, because I am also went to the share transfer system to do the rectification of communication。  Since last year, the face of major changes in regulatory policy related to the occurrence of PE, we comply with regulatory direction, from the protection of the interests of investors and the company's stable development point of view, a lot of work, make every effort to do everything possible to transfer shares in accordance with the system requirements for relevant indicators active rectification, and strive to remain in the three new board。  As the company integrated Investment Group, a private equity fund management company is only part of the business, especially after the company orientation, increased significantly the proportion of direct investment, direct investment income expanded, resulting in private business income accounted for less than 80%。Since the Group as the main listed companies, only the existence of the Fund Group in the pipe to more than 60 branches, according to the fund management contracts, changes approved fund managers need all the investors, the company in a short time can not liquidate the fund or change the management of these funds in the tube person, verification target group as rectification, cancellation can not be qualified group of fund managers, and ultimately meet the criteria。  Today, the share transfer system rectification think we do not meet the requirements listed company issued a termination notice。In any case, we will transfer shares in accordance with the requirements of the system, together with the broker-sponsored, work together to properly handle the follow-up matters after the termination of listing, in particular, to protect the interests of small investors。  For I know that large-scale integrated equity firm CSM this journey through 17 years of ups and downs, to complete the rectification within a short time, the amount of work required to undertake the work and faced pressure is enormous, here, I would like over the past year fighting in the front line of the rectification colleagues a thank Road。  We landed in mid-2015 three new board, made another leap forward development of the company, but also because of changes in market conditions and regulatory policy, the rectification of non-compliance and subject to termination of the listing of frustration, setbacks on the road this success, the China Science & Merchants the course of development is not the first time, it will not be the last time。  Over the past 17 years, large and small economic cycles, market cycles, industry cycles, cycles have led to policy changes in China Science & Merchants suffered short-term setbacks, but after every setback, China Science & Merchants can fly higher。Because we have undergone a baptism of storms and can unyielding temper ahead of the professional teams, but also because we have a keen grasp market opportunities and be strong momentum to achieve, but also because we are in a great era, we uphold the "service national strategy, regional economic development services, service industry development, "the purpose of the operation and development trend of China's economic and social closely fit, determines our development path will be wider and wider。  Recalling the past five years we have designed to visit the capital market route, in 2013 we had planned landed in Hong Kong market, then the new board market has become a multi-level capital market system in the important part, we respond positively to national development call for three new board, to mid-2015 successfully landed on the new three-panel market。Now the environment changes, we terminate the listing in the new board, it is indeed a big setback for China Science & Merchants is, but we have to get started landing the work of other relevant capital market。A blessing in disguise, blessing in disguise?  Dear Colleagues, China Science & Merchants train tour this year has been 17 years, 17 years, the car loaded with more than 2,700 of our investors and partners the trust and expectations of us, and we have the beginning of the heart and dreams now all this has not changed。Including the company's main venture capital business, industrial transformation and upgrading business and international investment business is still benign development and operations, and will score new achievements and glory。We are confident that pressure into motivation, change setbacks into opportunities, the company towards a new era of innovation and development, creating superior value for our investors and partners。  Currently, the core backbone of the company headquarters and business systems, to be fully in accordance with the company to develop response plans, actively carry out remedial work to terminate the listing of interpretation and communication to investors, partners, and we must grasp the nettle united。  I have worked in the company's annual meeting talked about this to say: bending moment introspection, never complaining, mind poetry and the distance, the sun never grow。And encourage one another!  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