Two parts of the liver become bad smell!Need to be vigilant (1)

Because the liver is not smooth, due to stasis。Malodorous toxins accumulate in the body tend to make breath come with musty odor and!Because the liver is our body a great organ, it's easy to transfer heat to the rest of the body, so our bodies will attempt to cool themselves through excessive sweating, body odor results will lead to overweight。
  What are the symptoms a bad liver, changes in the fingernails。Nail embodied in a smooth surface, red color, glossiness。
Once liver problems, it will cause white or yellow nails uneven surface and a series of chain reactions。
  Second, tend to get drunk。Some people usually good drinker, but suddenly fell drinker, drink a little feel "drunk" sign to remind you that the liver function decline, damage to the liver, the liver can not completely break down alcohol metabolite acetaldehyde, which naturally will the decline drinker。
  Third, his face black。Liver plays an important role in the metabolism of iron, iron ingredients usually accumulate in the liver, liver cell destruction, then the iron in the liver cells will flow into the blood vessels, so blood iron components increase, resulting in his face black。
When there is face black, there may appear abnormal liver function, you need to pay attention。  Fourth, increased acne face。
Progesterone plays in the human body can promote the secretion of sebum, and can damage the liver, progesterone, hormone balance adjustment。Therefore, liver function will reduce sebum secretion increased, eventually leading to acne clusters。
  Fifth, purulent wound infections easily。This is because the liver plays an important role in human metabolism, impaired liver function, it may be impeded skin regeneration。In addition, liver detoxification function decline prone to bacterial wound infections, the event wound healing, abnormal liver function is the need to guard against。  Six, red nose。
Although the "red nose" does not necessarily lead to liver damage, but women in liver function decreased, "red nose" when prone to hormonal disorders。
  Liver well how to do 1, avoid spicy: spicy foods can lead to gastrointestinal raw wet heat, heat inclusions, air-hepatobiliary disorders, digestive function。
They should avoid eating spicy products。  2, quit smoking: smoke contains toxic substances, can damage the liver function, inhibition of regeneration and repair。Therefore, patients must stop smoking。  3, avoid alcohol: 90% alcohol to be metabolized in the liver, alcohol can make normal enzyme system of liver cells by these interferences, so direct damage to liver cells, liver cell necrosis。
Patients suffering from acute or chronic active hepatitis and even a small amount of alcohol, but also make repeated illness or changes。  4, eat processed foods: eat less canned or bottled beverages, food。
This is because canned, bottled drinks, food is often added preservatives, more or less toxic to the liver。  5, avoid abuse of hormones, antibiotics; three-drug, multi-drug on liver and kidney damage, patients must be under the correct guidance of a doctor, rational drug use。  6, avoid indiscriminate use of supplements: a balanced diet is essential for maintaining the body, such as improper nourishing, dysfunctional organs, break balance, can affect health。
  7, avoid excessive consumption of protein diet: 8, patients should avoid high copper diet eat less copper and more food jellyfish, squid, shrimp, snails and other。  9, avoid irregular life: "thirds rule seven support" so adequate sleep, proper nutrition, regular life, adhere to a daily morning exercises, work and rest is important。