Good man 20 Golden Rules

[Lead] he is very immature, but does not fit you, then give him a lecture right!Check out our tailor-made for the good man 20 Golden Rules!1, a man of extreme, not to become a prince, but to become a knight, or general。
Men should not exist in a fairy tale, but on the battlefield。
2, four years of college, if you most of the time wasted on the Internet and in love, then this is also a four-year degree the Void。
As a man, you are a failure。 3, a successful men around, need a relatively good woman。
And this good, nothing to do with her looks, her connotation connected。 4, buddy, if not good to discuss the girl favor, then go to discuss their future favor it。 Man, not a woman to conquer, but to conquer the world。 5, if you do not like to go to study hall, do not go。 Boys should also many library over and over again, or simply to bully more to society。
6, not obsessed with online games, but also the reality we can not afford it。
Do not obsessed with alcohol and tobacco, but to learn about the future of entertainment is good。 Also, the wine on the table, then, from the University began to carefully practice it。 7, if you can not give her a better future, then please do not coax her to bed。 8, shouldered a lot of responsibility for your life, but the most important of the four, responsible for their own parents responsible for their own future, and the woman responsible for their own feelings, responsible for the world。
9, do not always think playing with the feelings, be careful that one day you will play。
The university find a stable feeling, because the university should spend your energy on the cause of the。
10, feather flock together, people in groups, this sentence is very appropriate for men。
Keep feeding people make friends with people in life-grade friends, you will gain a lot。
11, learn patience, often more valuable than the strong。 By the time you full-fledged, then ten times to pay back the dignity of the person you hurt。 12, the university can best resolve the grievances resolved in time。 Out of school, networking is wealth。 13, love is not a required course in college, but elective, you can not fix it because the mature man is the real charm。 14, if not born in the imperial family wealth, then find a girlfriend, do not only care about her looks, and to learn to appreciate her connotation。 You find a partner, not looking for a lover, but should be looking for wife。
15, sophomore year, start planning their next decade career。 In this career, you can put their girls into planning。
The so-called woman's sense of security, not how strong you are, but you can give her a good and appropriate design of future。 16, if a man is not a dream, dream no more terrible than women。 So, to find their own position in life, the dream of qualitative and quantified。 Secretly fighting for the future!17 men because they are lonely and good, in fact, it is wrong。
A good man, you should give yourself some time alone。
So easy to think, do not fall in love with the kind of buddies together scenes。
Men more time, the topic is not much upward mobility。
18, man, you should own a little hard。
Made a Knight of it and keep the charge posture。
But your goal should be to become a future general。 Lot 19, college, girls, women rarely。 The difference between girls and women, is not that how sexy or charm her, but that she is not having the right ideas and principles。
20, the world's most worthy of your love, in addition to parents, as well as their women and a man, then is your own。