Orangemen "waist up" urgent Zheng strive entered "a hundred hall"

  Hengda can reproduce the domineering king in the AFC Asian group stage "double play" Jeju, Korea United, high lats, Alan, Gude Li and other foreign aid on the offensive end to produce a good report card, but coach Fabio Navarro and read the game who are invariably believe that the old captain Zheng Zhi back in time to straighten out with the constant brigade on both ends。 The first two games debut 85 minutes, a playing on consecutive nights, Zheng comeback people can not help asking why the football coach Marcello Lippi does not induct him to participate in the China Cup。
  In fact, from the end of last year, after 12 finals off war Qatar national football game, Zheng Zhi will again did not participate in the national football training camp, but due to an ankle injury's sake, he appeared before the AFC this year, enough for five months did not participate in the race。 Zheng also for serious his injury is by surprise, so the problem comeback, he is also very cautious。
Although Zheng Lippi hopes to rejoin as soon as possible, but considering the latter 38 years of age, plus he played just twice is still in the recovery phase, if he participated in the international high-intensity warm-up, it may cause the injury again and again, so he finally gave coach mobilized to participate in the China Cup。   Zheng Zhi a hundred records or create on the road compared to last year, Iceland, Croatia, Chile "second team" was invited to participate in the first China Cup, the second event is scheduled this year in the official FIFA match day period。
In the fight for the organizers of the Wanda Group, was invited to the Welsh team, Uruguay, respectively, promise to bring superstars including Bell, Suarez, including China game。
As most of the world's top teams are from the beginning of the official launch this fall of Europe League preparations underway for the World Cup in Russia, together with UEFA, therefore China will undoubtedly become China Cup team this year to participate in the gold content of the highest international competitions Class。 If they can realize their dreams, "national team a hundred" In this game, it means a lot to Zheng Zhi。   However, the ability and professional quality Zheng, as long as the continuation of good form, return to the national team just around the corner。 It is understood that this year's focus around the national football next year to prepare for the Asian Cup, so the warm-up schedule after the China Cup also serve this objective。
Under the plan, the national football will be held around May 26 and June 2 respectively, at home, on the road has two warm-up match。 Where the first match opponent will select two teams in Jordan and Yemen, and later a rival team basically decided to Thailand。
Even if these two games Zheng Zhi also missed rejoin, then the team will warm-up for about 6 in the second half of this year, I believe the moment of glory Zheng Zhi will not be postponed to next year。   Lippi to be done to prepare the Asian Cup without Zheng Zhi Zheng Lippi protection, but also practical for him to "full blood resurrection" during the Asian Cup, but because the new league season has just begun, Hengda need multi-line operations, has 38 year-old Zheng can maintain good physical condition after a down season, which is something no one can play guarantee a。 Lippi must also make plans for possible Zheng Zhi missed the Asian Cup。
  So training period, the coach re-mobilized Huang Bowen, Wu Xi, midfielder Caihui Kang three, plus the same position can also be hired Zhao Xuri, He Chao, Hao Junmin, Zheng Zhi and therefore Lippi can choose from among their replacement。
But it is undeniable that the player Zheng Zhi and there are still significant gaps in the comprehensive capacity。
So Lippi For good job preparing for the Asian Cup, the team will need to further "back fill"。
  Text / reporter Xiao Nan。