Facebook users set off a wave of anger admit no match for the "Delete" campaign

  [Global Times in the United States, Germany, Canada wood special correspondent Li Yongqing Chen Tao short room a] we were wrong。
US social networking giant Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly acknowledged for the first time 21 companies disclose users' personal information is wrong, and said it would strengthen the protection of user information。 A few days ago, the company was exposed Facebook leaked 50 million users' personal information to Cambridge analytics company, and utilized to influence the elections, including the US multi-national elections in 2016, including。
After the scandal, Facebook market value plummeted by $ 50 billion。   Although Zuckerberg issued an apology, but a number of countries pledged to Cambridge on Facebook and analysis firm conducted the survey, many users initiate movement in the network to delete Facebook。 Harm to democracy, ARD said Thursday that data leakage scandal not only about the protection of personal information, but also a huge impact on democracy。
  50 million use of personal information obtained from Facebook website analytics company in Cambridge to participate in and influence election scandal multinational 5 days, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg, 21, finally broke his silence on his personal Facebook account admit we were wrong。
We have a responsibility to protect everyone's data, if not, then we do not deserve to provide services for everyone。
However, Zuckerberg argued that the root cause is the event of default of Cambridge analysis of Facebook。
He said the Cambridge analyze collected personal information from a large number of users on the Facebook site, Facebook has asked the company to delete personal information。 But until last week, Facebook company was informed by media reports Cambridge analysis did not fulfill their commitments to delete the data in this deleted。
Zuckerberg said it would take measures to strengthen the protection of personal information。   Zuckerberg subsequently apologized in an interview with US Cable News Network (CNN) interview, he said he's willing to Congress to testify on the matter。 For Cambridge analyst firm suspected of the US presidential election in 2016, Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook is not good enough in the control and intervention in the election of false news, it is clear that there are many things we could not control。 He also said that some people will interfere mid-term elections this year, we need new means to prevent (to influence the election) is out。
  Voice of America said Thursday, Facebook company 20 and 21 have been sent to explain to the House and Senate judiciary, intelligence, and other committee business case。
Several members of Congress sent a letter to Zuckerberg, asking him to explain how user information is collected in the end, whether the user can control to prevent data misuse by third parties。 Members requested Zuckerberg personally testify to Congress。 Reported that the two states of Massachusetts and New York prosecutors have said the disclosure of user data on Facebook to conduct a survey, they asked to provide communications recording and analysis of the Cambridge company to Facebook。
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