Deputy Prime Minister Han: Han AIIB no standard or ownership share of 3-5%

Profile picture: Deputy Prime Minister and South Korean Ministry of Finance Planning Choi Kyoung-hwan decided Jia Ruya investment bank holdings of South Korean shares, said there is no specific standard, but believes Korea should share ownership in 3?5%。  BEIJING, April 20, according to Korean media reported on the 20th, South Korean Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Finance Planning Choi Kyoung-hwan decided Jia Ruya investment bank (AIIB) Korean ownership share, said there is no specific standard, but believes South Korea hold shares should share 3?5%。  According to reports, in order to attend the Group of Twenty (G20) finance ministers and central bank [microblogging] meeting and the visit of President Choi Kyoung-hwan said, I do not know in nominal gross domestic product (GDP) was converted into purchasing power before deciding , different results on different criteria。He said: "to be held in Beijing this month, 27 to 28 AIIB founding members of the conference, may start (on shareholdings) principled dialogue。"In addition, Choi Kyoung-hwan on interest rates firm, said: 'Our interest is the economic situation overall US move to other neighboring countries and South Korea after the decision by the Bank of Korea'," it is necessary to think about the US benchmark interest rates really necessary to promote South Korea interest rates "。  There are concerns for the United States said that if the interest rates, South Korea will view capital outflow phenomenon, Choi Kyoung-hwan stressed that: "Our country is now flowing into the capital, in response to the event of capital outflow possibilities, we are taking security measures."。  It reported that when Choi Kyoung-hwan's visit the US media interview, he said, "will further promote economic stimulus in the second half when necessary."。For this statement, he said: "To see how the effect of policy implementation, it takes some time, so we in principle from continuing operations in the first half policy will further strengthen in the second half when necessary."。  South Korean media on March 26 published a full statement of the South Korean Ministry of Finance Planning。The statement said the South Korean government after close consultation, a formal decision on the 27th Jia Ruya intention to become a founding member of the investment bank, and the application will be submitted to the Chinese side by correspondence。After obtaining the prior consent AIIB intention of founding members of South Korea will be given the status of a founding member of intent。  The statement said Asian investment banks, international financial institutions in Korea as a founding member states participating, Korea needs to actively play their economic status and the corresponding role in the international community, and Asian investment banks will become an important means to expand South Korea's financial diplomacy。