Asia-Pacific US military exercise tactics: within 24 hours of arrival to the world any of which

The US Marine Corps F-35B owned four aircraft landed in the Atlantic on the LHD-1 amphibious assault ship "Hornet"。
Vision China courtesy (profile picture) US military in recent years because of the changing strategic environment and the evolution of the form of war, and actively explore the many types of new operational concepts, promote the improvement of the use of force models, and relying Pacific region, particularly in the Western Pacific forefront of power system, with the diversification of troops using activity, active use of various types of new operational concepts and validate。 Recently, the US military two types of combat-proven quite seriously and drill new concepts: First, the US Air Force's "fast Raptor" concept; the other is the US Navy's "firepower enhanced version of the Expeditionary Strike Group" concept。 "Quick Raptor" highlight the flexible deployment of the concept of "fast Raptor" (RapidRaptor) concept, also known as "F-22 type aircraft rapid reaction force" concept, put forward in 2008 by two F-22 fighter pilot。 This concept requires the four F-22 and a C-17 type machine (equipped with the necessary maintenance and service personnel oil bomb equipment, etc.) to form a "rapid mobility group" includes within 24 hours of arrival of any one of the world's forward base, the ability to independently carry out attacks and air support missions within 72 hours。
US Air Force in 2013 formally adopted the concept and began a series of operational test and evaluation。 2017, the US Air Force to further develop on the basis of an "agile combat deployment," the notion that two F-22 type aircraft provide logistical and communications support syndrome of a C-17 type aircraft, to the forefront of rapid deployment airstrip, C-17 provided by the oil supply and communication relay projectile as the F-22。 In addition, the US Air Force in late 2015, also put forward the "fast X" concept, intended to "fast Raptor" fighter deployment model used to promote other than the F-22, a small task grouping, quick access to cutting-edge expand operations。
Deployment model the concept of "fast Raptor" and "agile combat deployment" Compared with the traditional large-scale fleet deployment mode, can significantly reduce deployment time, and reduce air refueling requirements and the number of troops involved in the deployment of。 In addition, the concept of "fast Raptor" and "agile combat deployment" has a significant advantage in the following three aspects: First, obvious advantages covert action。
F-22 and C-17 type machine composed of small task grouping took off from the same base, non-stop destinations expand operational readiness, half-way without having to transit, stops, after landing can be quickly deployed by C-17 provides a strong ability to reprint suddenly fuel, ammunition, maintenance, allegations, communications and other support to protect, can significantly shorten the task of preparing and planning time, and enhance the deployment of covert operations。
The second is the ability to highlight flexible response。
The concept of "fast Raptor" and "agile combat deployment" expand the choice of F-22 type aircraft forward bases to enhance the rapid mobility and response, and the US military deployment in the opponent under unclear circumstances, the implementation of the first enemy strike, after the task is completed or exposure can be deployed quickly evacuated, reducing the risk of combat was。
By implementing this deployment concept, the US military stealth aircraft can be dispersed more flexibly deploy US military bases, increasing capacity to respond to enemy firepower of concentrate。 The third is conducive to innovation mobile strike style。
US Air Force that the traditional deployment greatly reduces the tactical flexibility and operational tempo F-22 type aircraft, it is difficult to meet the global demand for rapid response operations。
In recent years, the US Air Force to accelerate its Asia-Pacific and Europe "quick Raptor" deployment exercise, to promote its development to combat direction, and intends to expand the scope of use of such a deployment mode, to further enhance the mobile strike capability and maintain air superiority and deter potential frontier opponent。
Once the future of the US military to promote the concepts used in the F-35, F-15, F-16 and other fighters as well as allied warplanes, combat capability of its emergency response for emergencies and crisis in the region will significantly increase。
"Expeditionary Brigade" concept optimization amphibious early January, US Navy, "Hornet" amphibious assault ship into the waters of the western Pacific, then "Dewey" and the "Sterrett No." missile destroyer arrived in the western Pacific, and "wasp No. "component 'firepower enhanced version of the expeditionary strike Group', and on March 5 implementation of F-35B vertical landing exercise near the East China sea, the US amphibious fleet to further enhance the comprehensive combat capability of air and sea。 "Expeditionary Strike Group" is the operational concept of amphibious landing ships for the US Navy to respond to the new core maritime operations form a "low intensity, land-based delivery by force," the proposed。
Each combat brigade by a "Wasp" class amphibious assault ship as the core, with two transport dock ship or dock landing ship, plus an escort, "Ticonderoga" class cruisers, a "Allie·Burke "class destroyers, a 'Perry' class frigates and an attack submarine Composition。
"Expeditionary Strike Group" With all kinds of helicopter fleet Wasp-class amphibious ships and two belong equipped, landing craft, will be carried by the troops as quickly delivered to the land, and by the Wasp class amphibious assault ship superior command control and communications capabilities as well as carrier-based aircraft to provide firepower to carry out military operations。
"Expeditionary Strike Group" has a strong offensive and defensive capabilities, can relieve the pressures of the US naval forces are facing forward presence。
In case of emergency, Expeditionary Strike Group and Carrier Strike Group is also in formation, ready to put into a regional war。
As commissioned by the Navy F-35B aircraft, the US Navy Pacific Fleet to further expand the original "Expeditionary Strike Group" concept, the proposed "enhanced firepower Expeditionary Strike Group"。 "Hornet" amphibious assault ship can carry up to 20 F-35B aircraft type, its comprehensive combat capability equivalent to a "light aircraft carrier"。 With F-35B air combat and support advantages for sea and air Wasp amphibious fleet of sea-to-ground strike capability and air defense capabilities will be significantly enhanced, and thus have the ability to carry out high-end war。 "Fire enhanced version of the Expeditionary Strike Group" concept will further optimize US military air defense, anti-submarine, surface warfare, ground attack and other operational capabilities and expand amphibious formation of task areas and operational depth, the amphibious ship fleet from a single login assault cluster development for multiple functional integrated maritime cluster operations, thus greatly enhancing the flexibility of the use of US military force at sea。
US to new operational concepts for future challenges through forward deployment and delivery capability to secure Global Vigilance, Global Reach is the US military has long been committed to achieving the goal of。
The beginning of the end of the Cold War, in the "superpower" asymmetric pattern, the US military to achieve this goal to some extent,。 But "9·After 11 "incident, the emerging powers and non-state actors rapid rise to US military dominance, in particular power projection capabilities constitute contain。
The US military believes that with the development of globalization and the widespread diffusion of information technology in the world, America's major competitors have gradually equipped with "anti-access / area denial" capabilities (A2 / AD), to form a more mature air defense missile defense, precision strike capability to effectively target US military threat。 To this end, the US military from the air and surface warfare domain are proposed two types of operational concepts。
The US military believes, "We need new operational concepts to solve the conflict on security。 "US military attaches great importance to 'fast Raptor' and 'enhanced firepower Expeditionary Strike Group' concept of operations。
After coming to be mature concepts will help the US military in the Asia-Pacific region continued to improve carrier strike groups, the operational effectiveness of the force Expeditionary Strike Group, stealth fleet, etc., and thus more likely to win the battlefield advantage。
In addition to these two important concepts of operation, the US military in recent years, also proposed a "combat drone bees," "Five machines based battle cloud" concept of operations, etc., but these concepts are still in the planning stage, not yet entered the stage of verification exercises。 In recent years, the US military to promote military transformation as the starting point, actively planning new war theory, put forward a large number of new concepts, new ideas and new perspectives, and focus on the concept of innovation as an important way to combat the ability to shape and design, emphasizing the proposed first, the concept "is a concept of operations", always put the focus on combat operations and winning the war。 Throughout the US military concept of operations in recent years hot push its strategic intent focused on the following three aspects: First, to further improve force projection model to improve operational efficiency; second is to strengthen the global commons entry and freedom of movement; third is to crack " anti-access / area denial "threat。 In essence, the US put forward a series of new operational concepts, reflecting the change of military ideology of new features and new trends, not only revolutionary changes in the military field "signs", but also the construction and transformation of military operations "navigation mark"。 Currently, the innovative concept of operations has become an important strategic starting point for the US military to promote the core fulcrum of innovation and seek to occupy the absolute dominance of military competition。 US forces continued to promote innovative operational concepts specific practices worthy of our attention。
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