How phlegm heat of the health quality health approach

Phlegm how health billions of the world's population, each person has a different, different physical health should correspond to different methods, how phlegm with the health and small series to see how phlegm health introduced it!How phlegm The phlegm physical health if we are, then we must pay attention to a lot of dampness, and grow fat is your best portrayal of it then you're probably phlegm。 Such physical body obesity, tend to have a fat belly full of soft, gentle respectful man, it is a typical nice guy, Hangzhou saying "very resistant" character。
Sibu: diet should be light, should be more appropriate intake can Xuanfei, spleen, kidney, dampness, Tom Lee triple burner food。 The red bean, lentils ,,, leaves, clams, jellyfish, Pangtou, olives, radishes, onions,, seaweed, water chestnuts, and bamboo shoots, also with recuperation。
Movement: Such people should be more outdoor physical activity, often in the sun or sunbathing。 In cold and wet climates, reduce outdoor activities, avoid exposure to cold and rain, keeping the drying room。
The best long-term adherence moderate intensity for a long time body movement, such as walking ,, etc., that is most suitable for this type of constitution。
How hot and humid phlegm quality of the hot and humid physical health of people in general should be taken to avoid get angry, it should be noted that you are not always shine face, does not look fresh, raw and very easy to acne then you are likely to be hot and humid constitution。 This kind of physical shape some people are generally overweight, take action relatively slow weight。
Heart qi is very irritable, easily angry。
Obviously not eaten anything, but often feel bitter mouth, and drink more water also often feel dry mouth, stick out your tongue to look very tired tongue yellow。 Eat like the taste of heavy, love spicy food, but eat spicy easy to get angry, his eyes red bars appear, but also constipation。 Sibu: Try not to eat tobacco and alcohol。 Do not eat spicy fried foods, try to eat some hot nourishing food, such as pepper, ginger, green onions, etc.。
Dog meat, venison,, wine and other hot foods should eat less。 Clearing dampness should eat foods such as Coix, lotus seed, Poria, red bean, broad bean, mung bean, duck, fish, melon, gourd, gourd, bitter gourd, cucumber, watermelon, cabbage, celery, cabbage, lotus root, spinach, etc.。 And eat more fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber can help keep urine clear, to prevent the hot and humid stasis。