Corn common hazards of these cases can not be ignored

2, resulting in leg deformities life, we often find that adults who appear, it is not true, corns and sometimes appear in the body of the child, for infants and young children, whose body was found corns appear to be timely treatment。
This is because the delay in treatment, often cause problems in children occur during walking, resulting in leg deformities, which requires parents to pay more attention。 3, pay attention to his prick infection when some people in his spare time, corns prick themselves, that they also can be treated。 Some people will think of corns have a greater impact on daily life, in the external stimulus, I felt pain even occurs, will be carried out to prick yourself。
In actual fact, prick themselves, or when parts of infected corns, often result in a partial necrosis of the situation, which for health risks is too great, I hope you pay more attention to。 4, resulting in complications corn is not as simple as we can see, in life, if neglected treatment of corns, corns, or did not receive effective treatment, as well as the depth of the ulcer may occur, causing more damage, it It is a very terrible thing。 5, to oppress the common harm nerve corns course, such a complication in the early will not happen, many people would entertain the idea of early detection of corns is not large, ignore treatment, but over time, Corn will get bigger, this time there is pain, and even pressure to the nerve, which is often necessary to arouse the attention of the。
Third, how to prevent corns corns understand the hazards, then in life, it should be how to prevent corns。