Pork "Bear Mayor cycle" or the beginning of the transfer of pig breeding company

  However, from a long-term point of view, most people in the industry do not think the "bottom" has come to。 When No. One pig founder Mr Chan soil to accept all media Guangzhou Daily reporter interview that several large companies in 2015?2016 tried to expand production, increase the annual production of tens of millions of heads, the supply of pork market improved by 10%?20% of these upcoming slaughter of pork will raise breeding stock of the country, into the "oversupply" cycle。 Perhaps the bear market has only just begun。   Mr Chan added that, in accordance with the laws of the global agricultural business, the gross profit margin of 10% will?20%。 After the conversion, it should make a pig 100?$ 200, while the last two or three years, from big business to earn several hundred dollars on a pig, pig year, some enterprises earned more than 100 billion yuan, which in itself is unreasonable。 The next few years, is part of the money earned prior to want to spit it out。
  Annual data show, 2017?2018, expansion of listed companies is still an alarming rate。
Animal Husbandry shares of the original 2018 plan to slaughter pigs will reach 11 million?13 million。
New Hope Liuhe announcement that plans to invest billion in new annual pig slaughter 2 million settlement project。
  Ministry of Agriculture monitoring data, as of February 2018, China's pig slaughter live weight has been 18 consecutive months, more than 120 kilograms, also reflects the pork market oversupply。
The new network, animal husbandry, pig search network analysts agree that the major business expansion of the market will take about two years before the release of production capacity。
  Guangzhou Daily reporter survey found that all media, Guangzhou local meat consumption structure, the proportion of pork or downward trend。   Reduce consumer trends, supply is still increasing, some companies have realized the negative effects of expansion。
Eagles farming this month announced plans to carry out its part of the pig batches and ancillary facilities in the next 12 months, a phased transfer, the transaction is expected to amount not more than 1.7 billion yuan。 The aim is to reduce farming costs, avoid the risk of cyclical fluctuations。