Tucao Han: Jeonbuk defense was actually crawl back from the military demarcation line Come on national defense

  March 14, in the AFC Champions League group stage, Tianjin right to health to 4-2 at home revenge Jeonbuk Hyundai。
Korean fans after the game frustration is considerable。 As the South Korean national team players have been called up ready to go to Europe zipper, this round of competition, the Korean team's defense poked full of holes, so the South Korean fans are not just talking about Jeonbuk Hyundai, also piggyback on the Korean national team fear in the face of the world's super striker on Russia's World Cup。   "This is the score for the country and a shame for both leagues, there is nothing to say。
"" Defense is the problem, not accusing goalkeeper。 "" Shin Tae-yong's defense to adjust the bar watching the game, take a look at the accuracy of that long pass, the anti-Jang Hyun-soo won it, Jeonbuk back four ah, that if the back four with Jang Hyun-soo, then the World Cup in Colombia the game is still。
"" This game I really can not accept today's game too disappointing。
"" For Incheon 2 to 3, 2 to 4 in Tianjin, two games lost seven。
"" Could you come down goalkeeper tell me what your story?"" Kim Young-Gwon and Jang Hyun-soo is still progress tonight for Jeonbuk is watching a horror movie。 "" In fact plus the first game and Tianjin, Jeonbuk are three games lost 10 balls okay。 "" There is no need to criticize goalkeeper, is problematic, this score, he is to be bought rival, nor is it able to play want to play out, take under consideration how it。 "" Jang Hyun-soo and Kim Young-Gwon this defense, coupled with Lee's shot to hit China can be labeled as such, but also to Germany, Mexico and Sweden?What is not surprising play score。 "" Goalkeeper goalkeeper does have problems, but also the world's worst defense of it, and Cui Puqing。 "" Let alone the defense, Song Fan root is a bubble bird feces。 "(Note: goalkeeper)" No one is trying to defend ah。
"" North Jeolla tract defense or national defense。
"" Even Incheon will stop this team back four, North Jeolla play hair ah。
"" Jeonbuk defense is national defense?Go after the World Cup, almost every game we lost four balls。
"" It's Jeonbuk goalkeeper should return home to bring search, this guy in the end is what to eat, then the defense, then, how many have lost enough of the tube。 "" Throw four balls really lost a bit sick。 "" Defensive eyes certainly not ah, the level of foreign aid on the Chinese team who, according to?Like defense league is not enough。 "" Before the game to see there are people on the Internet, said, with Kim Shin-wook and Lee Jae-sung and Lee Dong-gook can complete explosion Modeste, Pato and Witsel, this guy is crazy, right。 "" North Jeolla should back the players a good look at the game, think about how return to the past, to find it early heart。 "" Before and after losing seven balls, which the defense team how to do ah。 "" It's back four is starch pinch it, face to say so and so who has played more stable than Jang Hyun-soo。 "" In order to win the AFC, summer can be a change it back four and goalkeeper。 "" It should not be allowed to fly the defense Jeonbuk back, let them crawl back line had to climb from 38。 This is definitely the defense team what stuff ah。
"" The biggest problem is that the whole North Jeonbuk fans flatter yourself that who you want, you can buy the club who played well on the merciless revision, there is no bottom line to criticize the coach Cui Kangxi。 Of course, we can not unconditionally support of the coach, we need some improvement。
Jeonbuk's back-four defense is now the national team, these fans have a reason to criticize you, but also enough is enough。
"" Russia's third straight World Cup is yes, only suspense is how much the score。
"" What to say deliberately fell to the ground, the players have played the last treatment, and did not even treat yourself to climb up。
"" TV commentary not want to say gold and pearls Bronze holy, in front of Lee Jae-sung and Cui Puqing in do not defend, how to play。 "" This is from a nursing home keeper got it。
"" Jeonbuk have a big plan, Bo has been shaking up now。
"(Meaning Jeonbuk deliberately lose the right to health, let Bo out)," ridiculous Chinese fans, so if the money does not win, then it is not an accident。 "" The high level of foreign aid players about the game, is no way of things in Asia。 "" The right to health coach blowing up, Jeonbuk is to be defeated these god-level foreign aid, but the Chinese football and what to do with it?"" Cui Kangxi fired it, he has led the time is too long, and can not give the team has changed, Cui Kangxi himself resign now。 '' Sosa do not brag, we were on the road, is playing the AFC championship with two rounds to win also, there is nothing to blow。
"" Even the AFC championship did not get through, have been to the finals, you say what big, Tianjin coach this spirit of victory arouses laughter。 "" Chinese restaurant was severely humiliated meal。 "" What China's victory is the victory of money, good money on it。 "" Ulsan, Jeonbuk Jeju and China have been robbed。
"" At least you can know that the Korean team for the Chinese team's advantage, is not sufficient to overcome one or two foreign aid brought by a strike。
"" If Suwon Jeonbuk get this support, then go to Tianjin to play 20 to win 20 times。 "" This is a national disgrace。
"" Tianjin right to health, but to win a game, their coach is necessary to say that it?"" Chinese football victory on the money pile up, but skin deep, Jeonbuk defense in the end is how, good will think about it。
"(Zhou Chao)。