England captain Kane: When the captain is an honor not let the opportunity slip away

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 14: Russia's 2018 World Cup opening match will be started at 23:00 GMT tonight。England football team official microblogging update, captain Kane expressed playing for England meant everything to him, when the captain is a great honor, and he will not let the opportunity slip away to enjoy the World Cup。Weibo reads as follows: [World Cup memories – Kane: England and I: Playing for England meant everything to me] I know it's hard to describe, but wearing the England shirt does make me very proud。I love my country, I never think this is as it should do。It is possible to become England's World Cup captain will be just as incredible things, which for me and my family is a great honor。To become England captain is every England player's dream, of course, I also。But I really did not dare to expect all this would happen so soon。In the 24-year-old became England captain really incredible。Obviously, I'm very proud, but it will not change too much for me。I'm still the same old me, is still a professional player, and we all know we still need to buckle down to work。In the future I look back on the World Cup, I will say that I have enjoyed it。I really do not want the World Cup to easily slip away from me, so I will do my best to ensure that they can enjoy the experience。England will be Beijing at 2:00 on June 19 in the morning to open their World Cup debut, against Tunisia。