How to roast lamb and mutton practice

In people's daily life, people often eat lamb and mutton prices do not look expensive than pork, but it is still very popular for his.It is more delicious compared to pork and mutton meat than pork, but because the smell of mutton lamb are some people there may be some reluctance to eat lamb.Lamb is a nutritious food for the body weak people who eat it in good health.Lamb practice is not difficult, as usual, people will choose when eating hot pot mutton or lamb cumin usually at home will do then there are street barbecue lamb skewers.Well, today just as we talk about lamb practice it![Materials] 500 grams of meat sheep rib.Ingredients: 20 g carrot, garlic sauce segment 50 5 g, 10 g of soy sauce, 2 grams of sugar, 20 grams onion ginger, star anise 4.[Production process] cut with: Rib meat sheep washed, cut into 4 cm square block of.Into the pot, add water, add a little ginger scallion, white wine, boil, boiled water for about 1 minute, then remove and put in the wash water.Carrots cut into pieces.Cooking: wok lit scoop into soybean oil pan, add onion stir Stir ginger flavor, and then into the stir-fried meat and Gachot wine, sugar, stir fry the disc 1 min.How to roast lamb and mutton is to practice more practice we introduce lamb, then after we believe in reading it should be done right we can try their hands at home, I believe the taste is very delicious.If the family has elderly or frail patients, we can give him to eat some of the meat in the usual diet.Like a normal person, then, to control what amount, because the meat is a nutritious food, if people eat a lot of lamb and normal body, then it is easy to get angry phenomenon.。