24 minutes 5 minutes!Huang also abused card into a card O'Neal was caught ridicule

Beijing on March 21, the Rockets on the road to 115-111 victory over the Trail Blazers。
Rockets starting center Clint – Kapei La played 24 minutes and 3 was 2, 5 points, six rebounds and one block。
Alignment very interesting game, the Rockets and Portland is the state of the hottest NBA teams, they have a super backcourt pair and then with a strong center。
Although Kapei La athletic ability better, but Niuji Qi is also very tough, and his strength is outstanding。
The game, Niuji Qi's strategy is very clear, that is to stick to the basket, very important reason is to prevent as much as possible they ate Kapei La。 As a result, Kapei La almost did not get any chance to attack in the first half, he went 1 1, 2 points, 3 rebounds plus。
See, Kapei La engage in insider is Niuji Qi cruelly。 The third quarter with nine points more minutes, Harden hoop attract double teams, did not stop behind the baseline Kapei La Harden received a pass directly jump across Niuji Qi dunk, but also caused Newquay odd foul, be out of a foul smells。 But overall, Kapei La did not play its due role in the field, so in the third quarter with four and a half minutes, D'Antoni replaced with a Tucker Kapei La, and tried to use a small lineup to open up the situation。 In this game, there was even a Kapei La undue low-level errors, then the Blazers score, standing in the basket of Kapei La ready to send the ball the bottom line, but he was too hasty wants to serve fast results focus not stand, Kapei La stumbled entered the venue, but the ball still in his hands, the result Kapei La was blowing a hair ball the bottom line offense, O'Neal estimates after seeing Yao music blossomed, five embarrassing material properly properly。
Half of the time the fourth quarter, the Rockets have been using a small lineup, and good results, at least be able to control the situation, the final stage, the Rockets only come in the starting lineup, but Kapei La beyond the arc for a foul Lillard while the ball to the Blazers shot a wave of climax, almost catch up with the score。 Match, Kapei La played 24 minutes and 3 was 2, 5 points, six rebounds and one block, it is not strong sense of presence, and with his position Niuji Qi is 10 shots 9, He scored 21 points and 11 rebounds 4 blocks。