I love your chin Zhangdou?The following several major points of care Please remember the simplicity

 Some crush is very strange, not elsewhere Changdou, but why always love Zhangdou chin, a lot of crush therefore felt very upset, always find the right method of acne, this time how to do it。Chin acne in addition to the endocrine, but also with the daily care are inseparable, and now teach you how to chin acne conditioning。Here's a look at the net and night。
1, drink plenty of water to add moisture reasonably good for the skin and acne。Up drink a glass of warm water every morning。Do not forget to drink water at work, sitting for a long time does not move, do not always drink the best drink boiled water。The amount of drink boiled water, for female endocrine conditioning is also very helpful, so drink plenty of water to get rid of chin acne can also help。2, frequently changes the pillow pillowcase face Zhangdou, including chin Zhangdou, a very important reason is the daily contact with the pillow pillowcase hide too much bacteria, a day of rest and pillow in contact for so long, pillow covers and pillows have to face contact clean。The best one week wash pillow, the pillow should always come up to dry in the sun, to prevent the growth of bacteria。
3, a good attitude is not depressed all day happy, chin acne you will not be able to disappear, not only will not, but will also be more serious。
Accept the fact that acne on your face, do not frown in the mirror every day。
Some people acne is too much pressure of work or study。Put down the pressure, acne is also a life experience, convinced that with patience, will slowly get better。
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