Hurt heart, who can love

“Heart hurt, I can love who?”This sentence is seen not remember the lyrics of a song or where to articles, but it has fresh。After a ninety angle to answer, I will not hesitate to love yourself。Each individual may look different emotional point of view, there would be a different way to solve the problem。It can be said that I am a cold person, people who know me will know that I like the quiet, I hate the hustle and bustle。I will not easily use feelings, but the feelings once paid, will be dead, often people like us, is the most distant friends。Such people will not be false because we finally feelings, will not easily give up。Like the quiet guarding the pure land, true to yourself。Hate betrayal, once the other stepped on their own bottom line, that would be an injury, he will always be clean out of their sight, even if they have black and blue, I will not try to forgive。Wrong is wrong, and hurt is hurt, the deep feelings, will one day become painful yesterday。Previously seen a very touching story, I only remember about。  A couple break up the occasion, men have been expressed feelings of guilt and a lot of commitment in order to commemorate the forgotten。  Woman head down, his eyes did not leave the ground at the foot, has not should be connected。  Finally, the man charm dull ask what else you can do for her again。  The woman said: you do not talk to me, no matter how I!  U-turn on a woman burst into tears, but she did not look back。  She does not want to leave their men to see her tears, if he loves you no longer important。  Many years later, they met in the street。  They paused for a moment, after the first surprise is deadlocked。  Their eyes exchanged information on the situation inquire of。Later, in the end is the man to say: you still so beautiful, you can not change time。  Very elegant woman says: Thank you for that was, in fact, that evening I had to break up the old, I had time to do anything。  I love this woman, for their cruel woman。  Must break up, do not look back!  Such is life, if they do not own cruel, cruel to you will turn to others。  Pre-emptive is the truth。  A woman's heart is very wide, wider than the sky is very narrow heart, can not tolerate some extra love。  Since later let him be bygones。Woman Just remember, it should be their favorite person。  Dignity is probably also the case, if we must be cruel, they still own, let the men go to hell it's gentleman!  Wake up, it is all new, sweating in the morning, it does not want been indulging in the original mood, it is hard to come out, come sun, smiled and said to a new beginning: good morning!The stranded something, give yourself some space。Calm acceptance with the hard-edged, silent silent, hidden and not fat, like rareness left the world of fragrance from its own reward。Quiet down will know that love is not love, love is more than marriage, love will all eventually turned into a warm affection。Perhaps only to give up that kind of love, love can not spend before they can be called love。