July 3 evening good audio listed companies list (attached list)

Number of listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen on July 3 evening issued important announcements, the following summary is good news: the proposed new materials industry base an investment of 2.2 billion yuan innovation shares (002,812) July 3 evening announcement, to be made a wholly owned subsidiary in Wuxi, Jiangsu Wuxi Jie En implementation of the new materials industry base project, project planning and construction of 16 fully automated production lines imported film, 40 coating production lines and five production lines imported plastic film, the first phase of the project total investment 22 billion, mainly in the wet base film lithium battery, a separator and a functional coating film, plastic manufacture and sales。  : Holdings of major shareholders the company intends to not more than 2% stake Longking (600388) July 3 evening announcement, net Long Industrial Group major shareholder and its related parties intends to increase its stake in the company within six months of not more than 21,380,000 2% share, an aggregate amount not exceed the total share capital。Currently, net Long Industrial Group holding company and its related parties 23.04% stake。  : Holding subsidiary intends to work together, Softbank shares of the company supply driverless electric vehicles dragon car to Japan (600,686) 3 evening announcement, a subsidiary of Golden Dragon buses and SBDrive, Baidu Japan, the company signed a "strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding."。The three parties will strive to achieve Awa Long (driverless electric cars) before the end of 2018 or early 2019 in small quantities Japanese operators, and explore how to construct the core product with Awa Long unmanned operating platform in Japan。SBDrive is AdvancedSmartMobilityCo Softbank autopilot technology and R & D。Ltd.。Joint venture。  : Won Guoxin Group will continue to increase holdings of 25 million shares of Huatai Securities (601688) July 3 evening announcement, the single largest shareholder Guoxin Group 3 July 25 holdings of company shares of the total share capital 0.0035%。After holdings, Guoxin Group holds 17.46% stake。Meanwhile, Guoxin Group intends to continue to overweight in the next six months, an aggregate amount not less than the total share capital 0.0698% (500 million shares), the total share capital of not more than 0.4% more than the proportion of holdings of shares already inclusive of this。  The controlling shareholder intends to continue to count one hundred million yuan holdings of 100 million yuan -2 Zhejiang cultural announcement, the controlling shareholder of Zhejiang reported Media Holdings, July 3 holdings of 28 million shares of the company, holdings amounting to RMB 231.71.13 million yuan, and for the first time since the date of the proposed holdings continue to holdings of shares within six months, total holdings amount not less than 100 million yuan, not more than 200 million yuan (including the current holdings)。  : Holdings of the controlling shareholder of the company intends to not more than 2% stake (600,196) July 3 evening announcement, July 3 shareholder Fosun High Technology to its own funds of about 68.23 million yuan holdings company?A total of 200 shares.5 million shares。Meanwhile, Fosun High Technology intends to continue to choose the holdings within the next 12 months (including A shares or?Shares), total holdings of the total amount of not less than 100 million (including the current holdings), an aggregate amount not exceeding 2% of the total share capital (including the current holdings)。  Bid 114.5.7 billion yuan of the total construction contracting Hangzhou Metro project announcement, the company and its subsidiaries form a consortium to bid Hangzhou Metro Line 7 general contracting construction projects, contract amount of about 114.5.7 billion yuan, accounting for the Company under the China Accounting Standards for 2017 annual revenues of 1.66%。    : Has a total cost of 200 million shares repurchase 2429.7.7 billion yuan day boat culture (300,148) July 3 evening announcement, as of June 30, 2429 to repurchase shares of the company accumulated a total amount of 2.7.7 billion yuan (excluding fees), to reach a total repurchase of the company's total share capital 2.87%, the highest price is 13.47 yuan / share, the lowest closing price of 7.68 yuan / share。Note: The company has revealed that last year, intends to repurchase 200 million to 300 million yuan, the repurchase price is not more than 17.2 yuan / share, repurchase of shares to be used for employee stock ownership plan。  : Signature 2.Long Yuan Construction 800 million yuan construction contract (600491) July 3 evening announcement, the company and the United States Xiangshan Lung Properties Limited signed the "Big Eye Bay Park ZX26-25 block the project construction contract", the company agreed to bigeye Bay Metro ZX26-25 block the project contractor。Contract amount 2.800 million yuan。  : Winning 2.1.2 billion yuan project Wanda Vincent shares (603,098) July 3 evening announcement, the company won the bid, "the city of Kunming Wanda Wanda Chengdu entertainment snow park and water park snow ski complex cold plate supply and installation of metal roofing (including skylights) centralized procurement project ", the winning bid amount 2.1.2 billion yuan。The winning project is expected to have a positive impact on the company's performance。  : Coastal offshore wind power project success and power generation Shanghai Electric Power (600,021) July 3 evening announcement, recently, coastal offshore wind power project success by the companies to invest in the construction and power generation, the company owned Shanghai Power Co., Ltd. coal-fired coupling garbage power generation technology change for the project by the national energy Board, the Department of ecology environment as a pilot project。  Semi-annual net profit by more than 30 times the pre-Anyang Iron and Steel announcement is expected in the first half 2018 net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies to 10 in 900 million yuan.Between 500 million yuan, is expected to increase 8 compared with the same period last year.722.4 billion yuan to 10.222.4 billion yuan, an increase of 3142-3682%。8 increase attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of non-deduction.601.4 billion yuan to 10.101.4 billion yuan, an increase of 4104% to 4819%。The main cause of the first half, improve efficiency and stable operation quality continues to improve。Green companies to accelerate the development pace of ecological transformation, enhance environmental protection with remarkable results; the current production and sales showed a rising trend, profitability improved steadily; small base of comparison last year。  : Subsidiary Signs 7 billion yuan of overseas oil service contracts * ST (600871) July 3 evening announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of International Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd. signed a contract with 20 rigs Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), the contract amount 10.$ 600 million, equivalent to about 70.1.3 billion yuan。The signing of the aforementioned contract further strengthens the company's position as the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) largest onshore drilling contractor。