Missed the "male security" car?This plate being a successor force!(With shares)

Qingming holiday spring thunder, male security concept turned out to awaken the dull market。There is no suspense, and male security-related stocks all closed limit。  Like real estate speculators who put an end to all the same, "Xiong security concept stocks" were the subject of speculation in the secondary market did not give any hindsight opportunities for speculation。The face of skyrocketing male security stocks, but can only look no chance "on the train", we see in the eyes, regret in their hearts。  There are friends laugh, A shares of the main contradiction in the future, is to buy a male security sector investors, and between investors did not buy the contradictions。  However, after the male security concept through this passion ran around the years, always usher in the tide of the day, then the male security at low tide, which sector it will become a hot spot Relay?Analysts pointed out that the military or the relay "male security"。  Global tensions military unit is now as much as the recent military plates repeatedly subjected to catalytic events: April strife continued international situation, the 7th US forces launch 59 cruise missiles kicked off a big country in the Middle East war disputes to Syria, the Korean Peninsula situation is exacerbated tensions in East Asia。  Sixth Korea nuclear test "imminent", the United States and Japan and South Korea take measures – the US nuclear aircraft carrier Carl Vinson battle group bound for waters near the Korean peninsula, the US National Security Council to Trump proposed to re-let US troops equipped with nuclear weapons。  10th, military stocks intraday pulled up, then fell back。As of the close, the daily limit,, among the biggest gainers。  "We strongly recommend that investors focus on the military sector。Point。  Our current political environment in which the international skating on thin ice, the possibility of military conflict in the world is gradually increased, national defense deterministic growth over the next decade will be more firm。In the current situation 17 years of continuous emergence of global security risks, the construction speed and strength of our national defense have a greater possibility to further increase。    Qu Wei said that from the international situation, China and powerful strategy Trump's China policy uncertainty, the market for military form external drive; From a domestic perspective, China's domestic stimulus to continue: Mixed reform is expected to specific programs floor , continue to release military and civilian integration policy, as well as aircraft landing not only bring theme-driven, but will also bring China to build large-tonnage warships peak。  So whether it is an external conflict, or domestic stimulus, both in the short term impact of the military into the rally。  Kun Qian Kun Qian Investment Investment believes that three major areas of military expected a breakthrough: First, conversion-commercial operation, the Beidou satellite, its huge size of the market, a bright future。  Second, the people to join the army, the development of large civil aircraft will accelerate, except for commercial purposes, for the development of large civil aircraft military special machine foundation。  Third, civil-military coordination, the huge scale of China's shipbuilding industry, economies of scale to reduce construction costs warships, military and civilian co-propulsion can also improve the unfavorable situation currently facing the shipbuilding enterprise。  Military stocks highlights that, A-share market, what kinds of stocks are stocks of it military?These stocks this year trend and how?  Statistics show, A-share market a total of 126 military stocks。This year, the largest increase for the new Jin Gang, rose to 135.82%, followed by, this year, up 83.82%。, And other rose more than 50%。  Three main Nuggets defense stocks as an investor, how should we go Nuggets military unit?  Great Wall Securities, said the medium and long term, military stocks continued good investment in three main lines: first, to benefit the subject of national defense weapons and equipment upgrades, including space powers (,), ocean-going navy (), Strategic Air (,,) and the Defense Information of (,,).  Second, the Institute benefited from restructuring, asset securitization and other policies to boost the subject, including the AVIC Electromechanical ,,。  Third, robust endogenous growth, low valuation of the subject, including mechanical and electrical Aviation, Excalibur shares,。  Post civil-military integration Liu Tian flexible configuration hybrid fund managers believe stock selection can grasp the direction from the following three aspects: First, to choose the right sub-sub-sectors。The company's industry space is large enough to have the core competitiveness of the company。Huge potential for development in the field of military plates seen from the segments, defense information technology, military and new materials, the market is also big imagination, is the next focus of attention。  Secondly, we must choose the right company。Civil-military integration is the integration of military enterprises and development of private enterprises, with a strong executive power, to make both organic integration, full synergy。"If the executive power, it will always be higher than market expectations; if you have declared program has as yet not implemented, we must be vigilant。What it preaches and the implementation of strong companies, can enjoy higher valuations。"Said Liu Tian。  Third, we must focus on entrepreneurship。The best entrepreneurs are elite in their fields, have a keen sense of smell to scientific and technological innovation of the industry in which the company can keep up with the pace of technological progress and even lead; from the perspective of entrepreneurship, the need for large pattern, large field of view, both long-term strategy, but also serious work, only to abandon the military and civilian companies hype the concept of integration。  "Sweep the public concern number to get more opportunities."