Flowers make a very bitter heart

Waning strike Nisang jade, red makeup relatively York.Silk lotus wind sent to Limbo, looked down, soft language to discuss.One kind of affectionate, very heart pain, tenderness back the setting sun.Color fragrant incense empty do reincarnation, moon silver small pond.Peach root end spend peach, with hospitality, bis sink duck.Wild rice drift residue, Shen Yun at first glance black, with a dream send Xiaoxiang.- Inscription is very strange, I always wanted to go and look Looking back on your words to your heart, even at that Micro Smart as hair is very, I also desire to feel your breath touch your mind from your words, so that I time and time again pregnant thinking.And now, I’m in the middle of your pond, devoted married couple condensate listening to the voices of flowers, Brisk with my thoughts, humbly listening to their soft words to telling your story.It was a whisper of autumn season, ten Lotus.Lianer have Seduction dance, you Changba me play, mutual York Red makeup.The wind blows, the branches and leaves swaying children, just like a fairy Limbo still, light but Smart, this side slowly towards the other side of the pond, and occasionally between, a bow, two flowers stick together, looks like two lovers whisper in the ear coming.Song of them are like that, and what they discuss it in?Independent destiny, only to let them quietly across.Even if the heart has a lot of pain, you can only force a smile, his most beautiful side in full bloom.Really just “an affectionate, very bitter heart,” the love-hate parting sad it?I often think of you, why write so much so much love word article, there are a lot of “Mourn the word” really just the grief of his deceased wife do?    Your life, I read your brilliant wisdom, ingenious ideas, conceived magnanimous benevolence, and not be defiled quality.Rush years, you left a “Annals Hall Collection”, which Fu roll, poetry, words each four volumes, three volumes of de order, Wen two volumes, four volumes of green water kiosks miscellaneous knowledge (otherwise appendix Volumes I and II), etc. more than 20 books.The “word forest is a little” (but unfortunately it did not pass), there are textual research, editor of the “Big Easy set Yi Cui Yan” Eighty volume, the “Book of Rites set Chen said correction” Thirty eight volumes, and compile “now early word set “,” famous quatrains notes “,” full Anthology “and other books, and these are your” spare time achievement “, you know, that’s just how tough the completion of a book is to be milled day to a stroke before as a word, unlike today, so in the next few Jianpanshangqiao, an article is complete.This requires the kind of tenacity?If there is no quiet attitude of emotions, and how it can do it all?Suddenly, a picture unfold before my eyes: she, the Goddess Surusumi, Hongxiutianxiang; and you are one go, graceful, sometimes, also frown meditation, sometimes, you will by the window full moon, or by the window Machines.This cozy, etc., because of her love, it’s no wonder so many of you will write a sincere love of the word articles.    Put aside your feelings words, just look at you these achievements, you should be a “too proud Horseshoe disease,” the character, however, you eventually just around the emperor’s only a servant, not the name of your ingenious between the cast, monarch on a friend, but the essence is the master and servant, which you are a proud, the suffering is too, like this devoted married couple, as appears to be the same roots and branches and head open flowers, in fact, they are two different life individual, alone, blossom, alone bear the fruits of their own.This suffering is only the lotus know, so, lotus bitter.    People often say: career and love life are indispensable “two feet”, one less, life is not complete.what about you?Nalan?    On the surface you are too proud, you have the enviable status (the cause), if the change is done in modern times, it is how high you can even do “hoodwink” the characters, you also have wives and children, should be a happy Happy.But you happens Xinrusihui.Because the cause of your unsuccessful, the love you and misfortune, two feet in life for you, a lame foot, one foot do not have it.    I think at the moment, you face deeply, a devoted married couple, his thoughts must be very complex, cause anguish, the pain of love like two barbed rope, like, haunt you, so there is “a Wife, very bitter heart, “sighs.right?    Hawthorn clear, Tada lotus leaf, lotus graceful, dance to the setting sun from early morning Xi Zhao, suddenly, is the moon Seiki, this pond full of lotus, in the moonlight already dim, while the only curl flowers, dispersed in Hawthorn, Insufficiency soak into the depths, this ambiguous situation, let your arms in front of think that a springtime blooming peach.That peach and peach spend a lifetime, staying there is that feeling accompanied Shuangsushuangfei Yin Yuanyang, that scenery, the phrase should be: “only envy the duck does not envy cents,” Now I do?The sky and the sea, the night I saw the deep, dark clouds gather, therefore moonlight and blurred, as if is the same as the night of sporadic wild rice.    If things are so good now shadow if you think caught, Xu Yujian but it flew away; and those painful things, but always go hand in hand, so you have to put down the pace again and lick read it, the heart, in a time of reading in a little lick to die.Love ah, if I only could, I’d rather Xiaoxiang into two concubines come with you, so I have the solution of this world Qingchou.    This is your pond it?Nalan?    As if between you dressed in white, drifting Yi Meipiao I came all of a sudden, you see also hidden in the pond, a pond full of clear breeze swaying the Netherlands, I followed your shadow, lightly in Tada in Bihe a familiar hit me, it’s not my right Hawthorn?Suddenly, understand why three hundred years people are obsessed with your pond, original, everyone has a pond.Flowers make a very bitter heart.2012-6-19