Postscript prisoners chicken Essay

July 13, clear. It may be due to do a good conscience yesterday, and again today, my group’s turn to be responsible for the cooking, is today early in the morning I got up from bed in the beloved. Even I did not think that the first thing to do is to get up after themselves, but still not to wash the rice for breakfast, but subconsciously searching for the clown would only yesterday I was almost scared to retract the egg shell on campus chicken.I give myself to find an excuse for this is “no reason at all because yesterday he would shut dark room.”.But I also know my heart, often in front of the brush for bird flu but there is a clueless, long ugly little thin, but there is no clown chicken self-knowledge, I have been accustomed to it from time to time in unknowingly haunted eyes.Although it can not kill me, can not eat, useless, can its existence but for me these days since “trapped in Houchu inch of land,” the boring life add a lot of fun of it.Extreme fear fine thinking, Is this scene alone is less than ten days, I was hit by a thin, small and useless clown chicken to “rein in” the?In fact, it comes to “rein in” the word really overkill.Just think, it’s just a bad thing not only useless but everywhere clown chicken, how will I have the capability to “rein”?First of all, I have an independent adult personality and way of thinking, not a three-year-old juvenile child does not know the personnel, but also the chicken as a clown is not a playmate; secondly, it’s just a clown chicken, not through words people do not know how to flattery; furthermore, it would only useless clown chicken, I never will be good to clean garbage from the garbage bag out or push lightly knocked me clean the dishes.If we have to investigate the reason, probably because all people are creatures have feelings, some things once formed the habit, it is very easy to “second nature.”.I’m just a clown because that only three meals a day plus pressing chicken supper to check out the location to “refresh” the whole illusion “it has been in”, and because of his own yesterday, no reason to do anything wrong hearts that a trace of guilt haunted Bale. But thinking, “habit” word, everyone is probably inescapable.Throughout the ages, the number of bit extreme ministers of kings but had a little habit of his political opponents is that while Demotion lost job?How many trapped in the shallows of the business giants but had a negligible habits is sitting on an enormously wealthy man?I waited mediocrity of stars from the little people, how can this affect the “habit” of the word? And because they said it would only back luck hit the clown chicken on my muzzle, when we are about to put breakfast on the table, it was increasingly plump physique finally belatedly appeared at the gate of the.Then I find the one unmanned stalls, want it to be a “abject apology”, but unexpectedly I saw it there as the wind like a slip of the foot.I had plenty of depriving it of a cavity guilty, but unable to pronounce, really depressed. Then think about or forget, it’s just a clown Who do chicken.