Youth lingers, Thanksgiving unlimited

Time to write on a piece of paper between the heart and keep the good feelings of the moment, in a tea in quiet recollection of all the gift of life, Thanksgiving met a grateful love of warm.  - Inscription in the world there is a river, this river carrying a ship, the ship carrying my youth, my dream, my passion.I enjoy the carnival, forget the beginning of the heart, had forgotten, forgotten corner there are people on board I think most grateful.Forget the cruel time, the world has no way to repay the kindness.I am guilty, I worry, I despise myself.Sitting in the sky, looking at the distance, silent prayer, just leave youth, Thanksgiving unlimited.  High Yang indemnity, drilling of intact .In a busy life, no one is obliged to help anyone.Help you, maybe no reason, just for the moment peace of mind; to help you, perhaps an invisible comfort, I was touched by your spirit.Determined to help others is not required to return the motivation to help others was preoccupied with people. So, if one day you fall into the abyss of life, someone help you out, you should know how to Thanksgiving, know how to bear in mind, know how to return.Even if a greeting, maybe a letter, some may leave a message, perhaps a small gift.You move your heart, people will be very pleased, moved to tears.  In their youth, others encourage others to support someone else’s care, the care of others, you should be thankful.Because other people encouragement, increase your self-confidence; others support, strengthen your courage; others concerned, to eliminate your worry; someone else’s care, and enhance the power of your front line.Perhaps a word, maybe a smile, to make your life from low self-esteem began to emerge, gradually fleeting smile face years.In order to know how to spring blossoms; understand the years of quiet good, this life peacefully; Contented and happy, and happy habitat.Encourage others, gave you courage again and again, the first line of the road, even if the twists and turns, can also be magnanimous away.  In the cycle of seasons, the recommendations of friends, friends of criticism comfort of friends, friends firmly believe that you should be thankful.Occasionally, when pressed bad guys, others insult, youthful smile should also be thankful.Maybe ask someone to drink a glass of water, occasionally praise of others, but also the greatest comfort others.A waste of time because someone else in your body, you are better to grow.I firmly believe that success was born from the struggle, the champion from the rise of the duel, the Warriors fight from the beginning, famous hero from the ordinary.Not the storm, how to see the rainbow, do not look at the sky and know how bright the stars.Dragon tasted a hundred herbs and know the world is suffering; for the United States Chu Qu Yuan Chu of sense; Li Bai tour mountains and dream actions, under Suzi month and love the hometown crowd.Thanksgiving is no time limit, no space is required in return thousands of treasures.Perhaps a floral, greeting it.  ”Come with me Father, mother and bow to me, ask me, my animals, my long, educating me, I care, I re.”A Journey, mother’s love, mother’s care, mother’s care, mother’s waiting, you need to Thanksgiving.Time becomes too fast, and too hastily years.Is the mother of our dreams drag, drag our youth wind and rain; mother gave us the courage to lead us through from under the blue sky.Mother gave us life, I let the river of life Tangulunjin; mother gave us strong, we still go ahead under the rain.Great Love, boundless motherly love.Sunny spring, the mother is a drop of rain, nourishing my soul, watering my distress.Midsummer Night’s Dream, mother like a breeze, bringing cool for my boring life, sent bursts of fragrance.Autumn leaves fluttering wind, the sounds of nature while his mother is to make himself homeless with the end result, with the direction of the front line.Snowy winter, the mother is a Samuume, in bursts of fragrant trail via the I remove my year archive of loss.Every dream, every home, every journey, carries her mother’s deepest hope and blessing.  Everything, all over the world, where there is love there is life, there is love, there Thanksgiving.Watched a video, the dog Xiongling Mao dense forest, Bear Bear two kinds of small tree is strong head cut off, they are very angry.Picking a few bundles of flowers, kneeling at stumps, bear two cried and said: “trees, you rest in peace!Men are careless bear, but my heart I know what love is.For two terms I bear, I love is to give you water, you can get cool I grow up.Although now I give you water, you can not grow up, we can not let the shade.”Bears have a bear-like, know love to be loved fun, both gratitude and thanksgiving with the truth, and we humans should strive.Institute of Thanksgiving, may be found sailing towards the other side of us; learn to be grateful, we obtain the nationality of Elysium.Mood and stretch because of gratitude, because gratitude and beautiful appearance, personality and sublimate due gratitude, gratitude and a better future because.  ”No good to spend hundred days, people no longer teenagers.”Grateful people will not be frustrated, frustrated would not be Thanksgiving.Li Mi Thanksgiving and world famous, Zhuge Liang for the Thanksgiving and ultra-lifetime labor.So, when life into a misery, everything seems not so easy, do not get angry, do not confused.Because your Thanksgiving, the whole world is cheering for you; when you get help, the whole life to dance for you.Harm you, to help you be strong; you encourage people to become scenery before you work hard line.  Shaoguang goes by, time flies.Time is relentless, easy come, easy go.As smoke, such as clouds, such as duckweed, such as cream tile.In the long life, when we are a little attention, it has disappeared without a trace, and then find, also tasteless, and then miss, also boring.While we are walking in their youth, blossom, cloud to cloud.Thanksgiving earlier, really required to repay.Or a stranger, or friend, or maternal love, can not miss when this Thanksgiving, when the return without delay.  Their youth, all too beautiful, poetic nature.Therefore, we must strive to promptly and timely to struggle.Because life can not wait, can not fleeting back and forth, waiting only to let the passage of time, roaming without a trace.Youth to leave and did not forget to love, youth leave, Thanksgiving unlimited.  Author: Guo Hua QQ: 1625426841