A butterfly and accompanied by night

The distant horizon is brilliant sunset, under the Castle is near houses, rural intertwined Qinglong Town, in the meantime a room enjoying the cool breeze blowing, the man with the keyboard in the walk between the lines, I.    Along with the breeze accompanied me to the room and the atmosphere in addition to grass, and let me refreshing rice flower.I can not myself, so I stopped writing breath forced the hands of the larger number of windows open, while breathe in a variety of pastoral fragrance, while quietly watching the sunset until it disappears, so the sky this curtain slowly opened.Laptops do not know when the table has stopped working, I still quietly standing in the window, what this time Fang Wu called with no distractions world wide, love clean water static interference.    I do not know how much time, on the table laptop screen even automatically open.My heart said, will certainly be something gently touched my computer keyboard.When looking for a butterfly on my keyboard lightly into the sky, a surprise Shuer passing Heart Lake.Little more than fluttering butterflies fluttered, the keyboard is its stage, screen down into the backdrop.    Early summer night, the town’s very silent night.As a lonely traveler, portable laptop is my only friend.Tonight unannounced little butterfly brought me down very pleasantly surprised, in such a quiet night, watching these clever little life, my heart contented.    Butterfly on my keyboard still flying, it seems busy typing.I was pleasantly surprised, puzzled.Little man, what you Literacy?Could your past lives past life is like writing?What are you looking for?I do not afraid to hurt you?Two elves looked far no one else’s performance, I do not know if it knows the thoughts of the audience.Positive thinking, butterfly actually coming towards me, fell on my hair, I guess it seems kissed, but also for shy like quietly leave, my heart Yi Chan, a non-overflowing with happiness beyond words the heart.    Late at night, the window of a small town, rural, Aoyama has gradually asleep, in bed times I have gradually some drowsiness, butterfly but did not want to leave the meaning.At this point, I kinda baffled why this beautiful butterfly so close to me ah?What do you want to tell me?Could you be my past life lover or a friend?In the course of my life, destined to be such a night encounter.    Ancient “Zhuangsheng Xiao fans dream of butterflies”, “butterfly Butterfly both fly”; today there are Qiaoyu “miss”, “Where are you from, my friend, you seem a butterfly flew into my window.Why, you would not go to a message, only to miss the backlog in my heart.”Niu Chaoyang” Two Butterflies “,” Me and you smell dancing fly, fly over Red forever hand in hand, wait until the autumn to do, Akiba completed piles, can accompany you to wither with no regrets.”Accompanied by a butterfly and night, regardless of the thoughts, nor love story.    November 19, 2012 on the Chengdu-Kunming line 673 bus