A sign of autumn Yin Xinyu

Autumn morning, we have a little chilly, opened the window, day high, thin clouds, and that twenty-three decorated in yellow among the green leaves, and a faint fragrance, the fall of the appearance of embellishment.Leaning in early autumn in bright and clean, with a thin pen tracing the passage of light painted pale moist, this day, the mood is relaxed and lively, miss, always inadvertently out of moist flowers.You can listen to a song straight to the soul, your heart turns back in the graceful Qian, also can be placed thoughts in a book, others say the move everlasting story.    In life, we are always looking fit mind, if we encounter a person, blissful silence, sat on the floor only to meet, to see flowers like rain, then turned and smiled pass; or also the eternal hanging clothes on, and that person loves grow old together, are happy.If the fleeting blooms every step settled, there is profound meaning, no matter on which to walk a road, bright sunlight, and you will always meet by chance, they both live only unusual, but also should be grateful.    Autumn in the eyes of the poet’s romantic, soft and sentimental, drizzle also passionate, as Iraqis in the water side, will love written on the falling petals, ages, light twist Acacia lengthy long; in the eyes of the artist, autumn is colorful storied dye, a clump of golden, a cluster of red, full color, abundance and unrestrained.    In my eyes, dressed in clean and clarify the autumn, written in Mouzhong season, it is a thriving pool of spring, warm summer, but left out the vanity, began to become subtle and quiet, the indifferent, wrote in a the thin chrysanthemum; the joy, fell at deep courtyard.Gently nestled in the arms of autumn, appreciate and share the warmth of passionate, embrace a quiet, use some joy, to fill life, the sweet-scented osmanthus trees, listening to incense autumn darkness.    I always believe that good, I believe the spring breeze blowing through, there will be flowers blooming all over the hills; believe rain, such as silk, green vegetation will have a new generation; believe sunshine, there is hope in the growth; I believe in this unusual time, the there are given the same care and Jun, unfortunately take people to spend as friend.Light and shadow staggered, has a story; every life, are just passing through, it can always someone left a lot; there are always warm, do not miss.    This high mountains far from the road, there will take me traveling all over the boat Wan-shui, but also there will be thousands of miles away as I Night lights.Also want something indifferent, in the morning light in the past dusty; some people would like to forget, sing water falling in the autumn wind, when understood, impartial straight to mind, such as when Aria hook, moonlight shines, Only thin people still read thrush.Although, this scenic road we are just passing through, the end can not be done free of dust, not sad not happy gone through.    They say that autumn came, some sad, I’m sad to say what it?Flowers flowers, no flowers to see the leaves, the moon shines autumn, but also a poetic, even gangbusters, too, is a beautiful.This world, there is no long-term thing, no permanent scenery, come, go, ups and downs, is but a process removed.    Do not have to remember which one Xianxie flowers, which a Yezi Gang fall, winter to spring, rise and fall, catch all sorts, still only willing.Qinghuang phase, ups and downs go hand in hand, until the spring of next year, is still able to see the buds of new life, and the budding flower.Castle in the Clouds May day, autumn is bright and clean, but also diem, if there are missed, let the feelings simply, if you want to be happy, let the heart a little simple, look at the earth take as many as Man, I remember this heart can be a fence , long time, too calm.    Often like to bathe in the sun, take a look at a tree a landscape, perhaps eager for Nama bright, bright feeling in both hands years, is so clearly visible, even some nostalgia, have a warm color.Life is always too busy, always in between was removed, the contaminated air fireworks, leave out the cool, and no one saw the chapter, learn to put heart and the sun in the same place on earth where the conversion of sound, those obsession, placed in its own way, the years this painting, it’s a little more mature tone.    Once, those such as grass dew condenses into the landscape, who used to decorate dream?With tenderness written verse, tell who touched?When the heart of the story is already mottled, everything is all gone, see and not see, love and not love, are no longer part of the landscape flower bloom.Sad and beautiful doomed nowhere to hide in this way, in the mortal mind, how can we not tie him down?I would like to spend devout in practice, there is not much in the past to become eternal, just as in this earthly steady, warm and still be able to peer.    Perhaps, always a gesture line too long, it will tired, sometimes, graceful turn, also has a silver bowl Sheng Xue Qing Ning.Years later suddenly had no longer yearn for fresh clothes angry horse, a discount time sleeves, whisk away all the joys and sorrows.Perhaps the life journey of scenery, is a pass by, indifferent to arrive.Do a spring flowers, as long as you know able to open in the man’s mind, why should Empress Dowager?Susan on plain people, in the time where dense as incense, shallow rivers, it is better than numerous world.The dust has settled, years, people still such a joy.    After all, it was autumn, sooner or later some of the cool weather, the sun at noon is some strong, as if the summer heat has not dissipated.Circulation of life, there is always endless landscapes, those flashy cool earth, water and those falling, walked to forget.If life is a painting, shades of affordable ink, so that the screen will be layered, if each brushstroke with thick and black to depict, will because it is too heavy and lack of beauty.    With a simple heart, a gentle spring breeze in the morning to write your mind, sing songs late in the evening sun, the color can change with the youthful heart of deep-seated love for the pliant, and like the person’s name, properly stickers placed in the pocket treasure, then try the day was fresh, tell the world, I came, and with serious.