Attachment to home soil

In the past, the evening meal to get used to his walk the streets and see orange-red sunset, take a look at the streets of the natural landscape, and my heart will be very contented, very happy.Since taking over the farm and factory work in the future, become the main theme of my busy life, I lost a lot of time walking.Today work early, so he 想出去走走.    Very warm summer evening, has been completely gone in the dry and hot during the day, the streets are pedestrian relaxed, full of cries of small business operators, Shuiliaoyitian lights broke away bleary eyes, roadside willow in accepted the invasion of dust exposure and Bai Tianlie day, then also exhausted the waist hanging loose leaf Danian reveal a slack look, a blossoming colorful flowers, covered with dust, still facing the pedestrian blooming smile.I crouch down to listen to the voices of flowers, but the flowers seem to have heard whispers: “I’m so dirty, I would like to take a bath.”I looked up at the high-rise blocks of stands proud in the evening twilight years.I think, more and more urban population, the building will be more intense, increasing the vehicle, reducing trees to increase emissions, the air filled with new impurities, breathing more oxygen is also nature reduce, diminish with green leaves, flowers abatement with bright, cold steel and concrete, so that the birds beanie in the city can send, human survival has also been virtually weight, health will be a qualitative change.I can not imagine, really blindly continue to do so, I do not know that one day, the world will turn into what looks like, human health and life would be like, whether day or blue, the lake or the clear whether, between heaven and earth will have on the birds singing it?Whether the birds can only whisper into the fence in the days of spring, the steel and concrete coagulation into the sun and flowers, perched on a golden cage?The city also make popular pets gold sprouted..    Remember the scene when a child bungalow, every spring, his mother opened the door, it will swallow flying and crying at the door, I want to swallow may seek the consent of whether humans can nest in the eaves in it, mother if you see the swallows into the house, will put the top down and take a piece of glass outside the door, do the swallows come and go channel, it will swallow nesting in the house of beams care, sometimes nest in the eaves outside under.Winter comes, swallows portable family and I went to the south, every spring they will remember the way back, but will remember home.Mother said to me: “Swallow and humans are good friends, will tell you every time it rains before going to rain, and we should treat them.”Now, more than a building, less swallow, sparrow even harder to see.Only piece of Hengshui Lake wetland, but also making the birds play, nesting, breeding.It also allowed me to see the crowded city after it also makes me think happy place.    According to Hengshui Daily reported, approved by the State Sports General Administration, 2012 Hengshui Lake International Marathon September 22 this year will be held in the city of Hengshui, when many domestic and foreign high-level players will Qiju Heng water.The municipal government attaches great importance along the road in repairs, the landscape along in maintenance, five-star hotels under construction, which will undoubtedly Hengshui City’s economic development is a promotion, the construction of the city is a city of Hengshui promote, landscape construction of Hengshui Lake is a contributing.Although the marathon is just a sporting event, but through the game, you can show the image of Hengshui, the world focus Hengshui Lake, Hengshui understand, know Fengyun sapphire Hengshui Lake in East Asia, Beijing, Tianjin and the most beautiful wetlands and improve the reputation of Hengshui Lake, upgrade Hengshui popularity, so, let Hengshui Lake Fengyun sapphire bursting out in East Asia should glory, national fitness campaign can be well carried out together.    Hengshui City, Hebei Province, located in the southeast, with a total area of 8815 square kilometers.Taocheng city hall is located 250 kilometers south of the capital, Beijing, 119 kilometers west of the provincial capital Shijiazhuang.Hengshui territory of the Beijing-Kowloon, Shi, Han Huang (under construction) three trunk railway in this intersection, Hengshui become the north-south railway transportation hub of things.Hengshui train station known as “the first major stations south of Beijing”, through here every day bound for Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Harbin, Shenzhen, Dalian and other major cities nationwide total of more than one hundred pairs of passenger trains.    In recent years, Hengshui tourism development is very good, Hengshui Lake’s natural wetlands and many historical sites, the country every year attracts many tourists who come here.Hengshui also has a long history and rich cultural heritage, the Three Kingdoms period, Yuan Shao and Cao Cao had one million troops Hengshui Lake contend; Confucian school of a great master on Dong Zhongshu was born in Hengshui King County.Vice Premier Wang Renzhong was Chairman Mao called “North genius” is also born in Hengshui King County, as well as the “Lotus Lake school” of Sun Li is also the founder of the famous writer was born in Hengshui Anping, China’s first rural branches also born in our Hengshui Anping, plain guerrillas, the plain story of gunfire also occur here.I love Hengshui, Hebei me as I am and people are sincerely proud.    I just leave those days, many of my friends introduced me to work, I have also thought of the field to work, favorable treatment temptation to want to leave Hengshui I am about the time, still could not Midon their own pace, in Hengshui life for so many years, Hengshui plants and trees for me is so intimate, familiar, I like Hengshui, Hengshui I love, I grew up here leaving footprints, here is my teenage dream of flying places, here there are people I loved ones, there is my son, my wife, my elderly mother, has given me too much caring friend and fellow.Face the temptation of money and loved ones staring eyes, I still chose to family.The family is how much money can not buy, for whom I have the responsibility of a guardian, his wife and children love to see me blush just drank wine on the way in the New Year, the mother need my guardian and companionship, and I also need the warmth of mother’s trembling hand and stroked my cheek.Sometimes I would think, people have a lot of friends, sad Shique only the mother at the time of joy, what is the family without a mother?Maternal love is the greatest power in the world, loved ones together is the greatest of ease and wealth.    Darkness enveloped the eyes of the world, people on the street getting scarce, turned and walked home, I think of British playwright, Oscar Wilde once said that living word: “life is your art, you put yourself into the music and write your time It is the sonnet.”Seeing the lovely home, my eyes some moist, as if to see the dolls holding hands in environmental activities for children set up a heart Rainbow Bridge, the country began to turn green Tulv Bird Week, Environmental Declaration also jointing into the next century evergreens, shade guarding the city of today and tomorrow, twittering swallows, sparrows wing feathers Feng has a cozy nest, the sky is still blue, Hengshui Lake water is still the clear, blue, and that is the nature of the blue green water, is also God has given the people of the inviolability of the Pure Land in Hengshui, let mandarin duck, duck, and so all kinds of birds fly between Tianshui, where generations hatch and multiply it.    Marathon spiritual connotation is to challenge themselves, beyond the limit, perseverance, never give up, this spirit can not only hone many of the participants, but also capable of infecting a wider audience.This spirit penetrated into the city, will add unlimited vitality to urban development.I think this is an incentive for me personally.    Hengshui, my love, I will always live here, and I will honor and disgrace Hengshui.My friends, also came in September when a guest Hengshui Hengshui Lake International Marathon, and I’ll be your best guide, sincere look forward to the arrival of friends.