Autumn Snow

Autumn leaves, autumn still there, such as butterflies Fung Mo.Autumn Fancy being staged makeup.A fall of snow gently hit, winter brings message.Snow quietly, sky swirling dance.Such as diffusing, Durian, filled the sky.Another example is blossoming aloe, flying in front, gentle enough, beautiful.Feather-like snowflakes, quietly down with, on the ground, the leaves have white fluffy.With this Autumn snow embellishment, another layer of mood.Original yellow, dark yellow thick wilderness, become clean and beautiful in the white mist, the winter has charm.    Autumn, it seems to be particularly fond of visiting this snow.Autumn no past majesty, answered gently up any snow drift leisurely.Akiba open hands, then full of snow, golden color, more vivid in white against the background.Sky, snow lightweight flying, dancing tired, rest lying on the ground, with a white blanket, enjoy the dancing snowflakes, dancing.Dance soft, like countless white woman interpretation of a quiet beauty of dance.A little while, the snow will be no regrets on the leaves, turned the water on earth.Since the autumn will be warm with love, affection melting snow.    Autumn snow will be temporary, meaning the fall of the curtain call.Brilliant autumn will fade out of our sight, some reluctantly think it really.Not enjoy autumn gifts, fall will leave the.However, the seasons, the laws of nature, but can not retain.A hint of melancholy, rising in the heart.Life is not this happened to you, good things, always brief, fleeting.Eyes dancing snowflakes, crystal clear and pure, lovely.It will fall into the water for a while, disappear.Looking at the beautiful figure instantly killing, really sad ah!However, the snow turning back, fought, calm ease devotion earth.Rather it turned into a water fall in return, this spirit very respectable.    Out the window, the snow still floating in the autumn, this lovely white elf, give me a vivid lesson.In this case, heavy heart, was moved up to the brim.I thought: the road of life, there are many beautiful moments, good things ·, though short, if you learn to cherish: such as cherish, cherish the friendship, love, cherish, cherish every opportunity in life, then there will be so many melancholy regret it?In the hard work of life, such as snowflakes, hearts in order to achieve the goal, unafraid of death, what can not achieve it?Thanks to the fall of snow, so I understand these.    Snowing!Snowing!Several children shouted in excitement, I ran to the window.I walked out the door, marched on the road.Heart light wind, Shenqingruyan.Wet road, the snow has melted.The sky is still flying with snow, the fields, the trees have spotted snow.Autumn of cash Yihe, like water flowing in the wilderness, to join the snow, just to make it more vivid colors, refreshing Bale.Snow quietly covered my shoulders, I like the young wizard, he stood quietly, afraid to disturb it like, let it fall gently.Stretched out his hands, let it covered with palm, melt into water.I think this fall quietly VIP reception, is my best expression.    Snow continued to fall in the autumn, accompanied by flying autumn, beautiful spirit, first came, looked excitement.There were numerous, singing and dancing slow, dense rain.Fall on the leaves, on hay, cotton, the long bear to leave.I know, they are affectionate angel, pure heart, love deep, earnest affection.And extreme caution when spreading love all things, so people moved.    I looked and looked, unwittingly snow has covered my heart silently.