The best way to freckle freckle most effective remedies 6

What are the best ways freckle?The most effective freckle recipe details freckle 6 is not really so much trouble, there is a wide variety of life, the production method is very simple, as long as we can we are sure to achieve satisfactory results freckle!1.Operation method freckle loofah: loofah dried, research is not fine, night tone coated surface with water, wash with warm water next morning。 When a transfer coating, may go facial wrinkles。
This method has some effect。
Contains a variety of gourd, proteins, carbohydrates, and ascorbic acid, have a strong bleaching effect, in particular, phosphorus, calcium, and iron content rich, plant gum, and further comprising xylose mucus, these substances have Health effects。 Long-term use can improve the skin delicate whiteness。
Reminder: the honey should not be overnight.Twenty minutes later Cleaning.The best way to freckle freckle most effective remedies 2 6.Litharge freckle method is the method: to fine grind litharge, night face paint。
Litharge yellow metallic luster, there is swelling insecticidal, convergent preservative effect, useful for treating a variety of inflammatory swelling, ulcers, embolism, modern research that inhibit fungal skin, to try a number of inflammatory spots。 "Tang Materia Medica" contains litharge scar black surface treatment, the surface of pharmaceutically acceptable。

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