Books (2011 Hubei college entrance essay)

My home study sounded the wall in my books, is a witness, witness Taoshu my history, my history also witnessed growth.    I do not know what kind of disputes and book previous life, cause I have no interest in a group of wild child followed the arrest of a bird on the tree river and shrimp during their childhood, but to focus on the book.As I searched all the silly like mad people may have books, avidly read books or that no skin or missing pages or illegible scribble comic, magazines, language textbooks, history books and even geography textbooks.Then these books after I read countless times, become more worn, stacked in a small house, it is my treasure.    Yet it is these books, paved a smooth ride, made me stand out from the many children in the same village, feet ashore, went to the provincial capital from the county, the township became the only female students.    My four years of college life has nothing to do with the Excursion, has nothing to do with the love affair, go hand in hand, or the multitude of books, his alma mater, the China division of books has always been second to none in its class universities in the.Entered the library, I just like the fish into the sea, found his home.Indus thick window shade, quiet reading room, the old paint must not recognize the tables and chairs, yellowed books through the hands of countless students, I left permanent memories.Encounter a good book has long been admired my holiday, and school book sale will be held from time to time for me as much as Carnival.Every time, I Chuaizhuo month’s living expenses (50 yuan), piles of books in a row patiently looking after those familiar with the title and author’s name, pay fifty cents or a dollar, Gorky, Pushkin, Zweig, Mayakovsky, etc. outsize great writer, it was a wonderful reflection of my Yi Tangtang bedroom, accompanied by my pillow (there is no other place on display), fresh in my dreams outer.    However, from high school to college, from bookstores everywhere in the provincial capital to the Xinhua bookstore only one prefecture-level city, I have never experienced such a festival.My books have reduced instead of increased, if a new book tens of dollars of high prices does not make me flinch, then those titles shocking enough to make me wince.Thick black school, teach you fraud, rich history, Aventure, you just grab the first thing on the line, as you can not let a second look, it is not even booksellers care of things.    More and more new books bookstore, and those great names have turned away from our book, those moving and thinking also step down the stage of history, we read power, wealth reading, reading impetuous, reading from that the secret of a variety of tricks, gradually, a book for us, is no longer a book, made for thin bamboo former butcher case, lady’s lap dog, myopia on large sunglasses, sink were fascinated by opium.Those who have gone through a century of vicissitudes of years, all the world has witnessed the joys and sorrows, cheer generations reading spiritual books people do?Those ink lingering fragrance of the book it?Soulful warble those innumerable twists and turns it?    Tonight, the moonlight, accompanied by insects, holding a roll of old books, half a cup of cold tea products, sages and worthies expanded spiritual dialogue, it is that you do?