City house

I like a foraging bird flew from the village of reinforced concrete urban forest.No mountains of urban villages, no village of vast plains, treeless verdant leafy countryside.City building everywhere forest stand, in addition to the road there is little extra space, more or less green bonsai taste.The basic trajectory of urban life from a building to another building, moving from one building to another grid grid.Living in the city, one room building, a grid or a habitat will be my lair.Luckier than birds, I do not have title to the plants and trees for their nests, the developer or landlord had built a good nest, a wide variety of house waiting for me this city ronin, but to pay a high costs.In order to have a settled its own house in the city, to pay more than money, as well as sweat and even dignity.    Covered with colorful glass rental information on the real estate agency, those are ridiculously high rent district housing.Roadside poles or small ads on the dado became my favorite of the election room, which looks to compare the dazzling city that psoriasis, makes me feel eyes shine.House on the small ads villages are mostly private houses, relatively cheap price and close to the city’s geographical location, became my best choice.After pay the rent and deposit to the landlord, so there will be a place of shelter.Although only shared a room with others, just a bed, but finally have a space of their own.Although noisy no privacy, although in suffering homesickness, but will not wind meal drink dew.The house is a city where I used to sleep in exchange for rent, a small space.    The job market is a seven-story factory building industrial recruitment area, just like the factory buildings in the city caught in the humble.To enter the market, each layer is dense job seekers.Recruitment booth before each interview around full of people, they do everything possible to promote their own, carefully deal with the question of recruitment of staff.Here is like a noisy market population reached a sum of transactions in naked bargain.Every light in the house, each probe is looking at it all day.The house came here to bring too disappointed, had also brought hope, some people probably because the fate of the house to change the trajectory, and even bring a successful turnaround.City house is my hope that once the interview, a rare job opportunity.    Find a copy of your favorite job, suits and ties walked into the office, security and enthusiastic front desk clerk on duty, so I have never meet.Among the many corporate offices have a lattice grid is my work place, happy and every day I work diligently in the cubicle.Often late at night, I put down the work at hand.Night at the bus stop waiting for the bus, I used to glance at the Directorate General’s office, it’s a house, and other city, it is bizarre flashing in neon.Urban house is between a lattice my office, a job to feed their families.    I can not remember how long to be in the city, surrounding office buildings and I have to remember the name of the cell thoroughly cooked, and some of the city’s iconic buildings I can clearly.I know that they have been integrated into the city to work every day shuttle in these buildings, city house and I have a lot of relationships.I think, should have a house of their own in the city, the landlord can not see his face, you can not feel scruples roommates, you can do what you want to do.Bite the bullet and mortgage a house, although burdened with the pressure of the bank, but in the city there is a space of their own really value.Urban house is a world of freedom I want, a warm haven.    I thought he was a passer-city, thought the city houses do not have much to do with me.A dream so I know the city is life so I understand the city house.City house, in fact, most people think so snobbish.If there is no house, how will the city?If there is no city, how I would hope, how will life, how will work, how will the family?City house pains me happiness.