Country alone

REVIEW walked into April, once again spring to our eyes, feeling the cool nature is one of this season’s most unique words, we hold put down the job, opened the window to spend, take a look at the courtyard alone blossom inside, alone, listening to the sweet insects and birds.  Today is a Rhapsody!    Ching Ming Festival, I returned home the next, walking on a familiar piece of home land, I always have a never finish writing!    People quiet night, lying piece of cabin life more than twenty years, I wander around the heart, in the long wait, we have finally reached a landing, the festival back to the countryside, the countryside of the night, utterly still, lying in the silence of the dark night, perhaps tired after wandering soul, a person alone, they feel quiet leisurely, then float to the Qing Ling will follow.Occasionally dream from the heart, warm and cordial instantaneous Buddha face.If that savor life, my heart suddenly, suddenly realize that when a person alone, poverty and loneliness is not terrible, it’s like a spring to lift the spirits of the young woman that rich, tender.So I think most people tend to think in a very lonely person, it is not true, alone in itself is a kind of beauty, a mood, unlike the lonely, melancholy and sad, as if a light, quiet words nothing more.    Spring countryside, more than ever a season of spiritual self-confidence, I like the country in the spring, and green leaves, green trees, there was another on the peach and pear, are like a beautiful piece of printed text in the memories of my life!In this house, I went through his childhood and juvenile time, is this house, my life has become a journey time of care and love!    Alone, sometimes life is a spiritual haven of leisure, I like a man alone, let alone sit in my hut recalls the past, vision for the future, sometimes when inspiration, but also the idea of a work; North early spring, winter has always left when leaving the impression, I was lying in bed or on a soft warm kang, closed his eyes, just like being in their own world, but if we add some music , and those with beautiful music, and then eating their own favorite fruit, or a cup of pale tea, either soothing, gentle, melodic diffuse through the heart, the heart between the waves, all the feelings do not add any color, with no camouflage ingredients, can only enjoy flying mood, instantly do a pure and simple of themselves, then Mimi smile.Lying in bed, my thoughts when alone at night opened the windows, overflowing around and here not only gave me life, and I look forward to more of a!    I remember in the spring of third grade junior high school, I suddenly had an unexpected skin disease (scabies), others only a week to heal, and I have been lived in for six months, when I look in addition to the frustration, time and time again is looking forward to the mind, in those days, because their parents work on the ground, most of my time alone!At that time, I thought a lot, if he do a little bird, with the desire of the heart, between the blue sky, among the mountains and rivers, enjoy flying, even though there are some tired, but my heart always says happiness text, this desire, this life, and only when we have the feeling of being alone.Hazy night, from a distance came the ear of a dog barking, he interrupted this lonely night!    I enjoy the writing of this night, the past is like stars in the sky, in my mind turned page after page, the text in all these years, I had longed for love themselves, their careers, their lives, However, the reality is not what I expected, maybe not just the one person I have this idea, at some time, I’d expect a soul went into the hut, solitude, where you enjoy flying their feelings, cry worth mentioning , laughter can be everything their own!    Wrote here, I think of two words – “alone”, sometimes alone is a mood!    The heart alone can stroll to a mountain stream water, let stand among the silent heart of the open, to feel a quiet and leisurely.Some people always complain fare well imagine, when we get down to be able to find one of their own space alone, the mind will stay away from the hubbub chaotic materialistic world at that moment in his life, let life quietly part of the experience of a life that was forgotten quiet, in fact, that is our life!    Into April, the spring once again came to our eyes, feeling the cool nature is one of this season’s most unique words, we hold put down the job, opened the window to spend, take a look at the inner courtyard alone flowering off alone to listen to the sweet insects and birds.Whistling mountains, passing breeze face, then you will not help but quietly immersed in their own reverie, I think, at the moment without any paternity, only yourself, you will feel like you are the most real you is yourself, your heart will be with his own thoughts flying endless Piaoyuan.The world belongs to you, but also you have the whole world.    Yuemingxingxi night, wisps of moonlight through the front window, the temptation my heart just around the corner, pulling me could not sleep, then, my heart has been out of the house, came to the courtyard, looked up at the sky that Lang Lang see thousands of miles in the sky the moon, the night wind was blowing from the slightest, perhaps tiring day of travel, in the moonlight, when my heart is enjoying the endless moments of beauty, all reminiscent of the distant friends are asleep; whether their heart and my heart, like a stroll in the moonlight, kind of quiet beauty of this exclusive world!    - The sleep, you have to go home tomorrow!    Mother’s words, my thoughts away from this back to reality, by moonlight, looked at the old clock hanging on the wall, the clock has been pointing to three in the morning!    A once in a lifetime alone, solitude is a state, quiet attitude, especially being in the village quiet night, to be at ease, but also a real beauty![Editor: easy to get along]