Deciduous Zhiqiu

Morning, Wei Leng.    Looking back turn around, I give up and closed the curtain spring.    Inspired by a ray of light fog, walking, I walked into the autumn of the world.    Autumn road under my feet, the road is the kind of ‘light sand away the road dust’ like a mountain, the mountain despite rain washed was no trace of dust on, but the leaves have to stay on top, all the way to the left a full autumn leaves blots.Wind from the road leaves, leaves will immediately walk in the silence of the mountains with my feet.I do not know to follow their own wind or leaves.    Autumn and crystal clear springs, such as springs urchin in general, always so full of energy, vitality is so strong, it ran day and night in the mountain, the leaves will be floating on the water, and springs ran together, like a leaf boat, deemed the girl’s skirt, never-ending dance with his body, dancing is so light and graceful.    Autumn tree is the last coat of nature, despite the recession began, but his feet still deeply rooted in the soil, Siyangbacha head to the sky stretched, as if waiting for the emergence of dawn.Deciduous tree is the founder of the eternal, natural and ultimately, the trail leaves, leaves a thick layer in the side of the tree, with yellow, there are dry color, there are a few little pieces of half-yellow color is not dead, they each have a close hugged the body slowly turned into mud, they can end their lives in the tragic experience together.But they showed no fear, they used his crippled body warm each other with words and deeds of love inspire each other, they sang all the way to the front row, even if the upcoming incarnation in the soil, but technology was so calm and quiet, was so graceful of , of the world would be so moved.    Deciduous know, next spring their children and grandchildren will climb trees, but also hold up a green world.    If someone asks who understand the bleak autumn, my answer is deciduous!Only a deciduous to Zhiqiu!