Do you do to make things grow their own

In early times, for many things, I always go to judge right or wrong, like, or not suitable.Gradually, I learned that there is a thing called life to grow, there is a choice in life, also called growth. People in order to grow, so we do, we have to choose the things that make us grow. A friend said that now Taobao, feeling encountered a bottleneck, income is very stable, but do not know the next step is to do an industry, or is it another shop, and then do their own industry.I have seen the text before selecting know for sure. Only here today, we adhere to choose from outside, another point is to make yourself grow direction to select. Cousin at a very early time, is designed to do, back to work, I felt annoying design. Because he was in the store to go to work, there are always guests took the chair sitting next to him, little by little let him amend. The most depressing thing, changed the whole day, and finally changed to look like the beginning of the morning. So cousin said, we must change more technology.Back to learn the computer maintenance. His results, we do not want, do not ask, in the first sense, we should know that he’s behind what it was like.He abandoned all accumulated original, and then start from scratch to learn.And other school half, there will certainly be problems encountered. So, this distinction is a lot of people, some people choose comfort zone, some people chose to challenge. Of course, the beginning is going to be different.But to go back, but there is a big difference. I suddenly thought of it is still in very early, at that time, before she left, I was especially sad.I think, gone over, so over a lifetime.So do you think the waiter.Before that, I was director of the quasi. But it is that moment of uncomfortable, but also a good friend took me.Otherwise, I really do waiter. Of course, maybe do it, there will be a lot of opportunities, but I know it is not the most correct way. A friend of his told me this is almost, but not the same.He is to teach kindergarten.Despise wage is too low.Those who have not read his little sister in the pipeline, may be four or five thousand a month, but he does, a month 2,3000. The final result is a friend resigned.Also went to the line. After also I went, only to find that it really is not the life you want. But back to the original way it is possible to have a.It is only slowly test. In fact, many of the world’s roads are not wrong, a lot of people have been looking for their own appropriate. But many people, always missed the point, and that is our own still very young, always been looking for opportunities.Rather than waiting for opportunities to come to us.So, a lot of time, in this missed. When I was younger, we always impulsive.We also still see too shallow. Also we are too anxious. Think of this, I think something very impressed with the words.This sentence is a group of Azeri we say. Remember that time, my friend asked me a question, I think for a long time I did not want to come out. The problem is that friends, wives, looking for nice, gentle, will take care of people, still looking for capable, strong woman.I do, is to help a friend who from his analysis for a long time, in the last analysis I fainted, in the end how to find. But the group of Azeri word to solve this problem.That is, to find that make their growth. Yes, human life is in pursuit of growth, you can find yourself not grow like a thing. That there is no difference between the appropriate and inappropriate.You grow up, just like external things also come with. So we can see many examples, in fact, the beginning, they are also very common.But then also married, click on the up.This is not just the traditional Vanves, Wang wife.More importantly, after together, we have the power. It comes down to a matter of choice.And then it comes down to is growth and no growth problems. If you say, the beginning of his friends could have been done that industry, so he is well placed to exploit what.Look up quickly.But also that is a high profit industry, general risk is relatively high.And when he’s safe. Another point is that he has let himself grow back if the other industries will do very fast. For example, the kindergarten teacher back, if he did not choose to go to the pipeline, but to find ways so that they are admitted to elementary school, junior high school teacher admitted to, or university teacher, then certainly will not regret it. The main thing is that he wanted to pay, but also very, very high. My cousin is the same, for example, if he continues his research design, if the inlet 4A.Then he is doing to help the world’s top 500 design.We do not say this is impossible, we have the group is to help individuals who do the design of the world’s top 500. While it out myself, but once that’s still fame.Skill certainly more violent than that time. In fact, we always want to move forward.Just a lot of the time, we complacent.He walked into the warm zone. So, a lot of the time, we do not grow their own, but rather let himself swing around the. The group had a friend, a former Taobao to sell clothes.He said the industry want to change back, I said, if you really do like this must not be done in a low profit.Must find ways to make high profits, we must find ways to do Ali. I say this is also a growing child.He said, OK.Although not sure, but also to try. He was very much behind.Day by thousands of operators of all profits.Although very often, only one day out of a few pieces. But very relaxed, although in the beginning it is very difficult.I get used to it very well. Think of this, I thought of my old boss.Each year we must increase the 50 employees who. And one can sell tens of millions of.He made his bearing insisted for 14 years.Employees have been steadily increasing. If you let him now for any industry, he certainly can do well.Because of his height, where.And certainly we do not need from one person, two people personally to do.One thing to do because he has a high degree, and has been growing. Of course, he says, his life will not be changed.After his children are willing to continue to do bearing. We think the next, after 30 years, 50 years, his factory would look like. In fact, ah, when most people start, we are all about the same. But gradually, we are not the same.And this is not the same, is a growing, not a growth. The growth of people have been growing, no people have been left alone to grow in a safe location.So in the end a big difference. So we do, we must choose to grow their own thing.Although in the beginning, we difficulties.But gradually, we will be very happy.As long as we do not change just because we are on the higher platform. Perhaps we are now slowly than others, less, but as long as there is progress, behind there would be a very, very good. My QQ / micro-channel: 838 504 315, welcome to add.