Dumplings Wife

[REVIEW] Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four annual festival, is a traditional Chinese folk festival, is one of our traditional festival of Han Chinese, people usually called the fifth day of the Lunar New Year Dragon Boat Festival, also known in some places as also this festival “Dragon Boat Festival” and the “Festival day”, “Doll Festival”, “pediatric Festival”.  Myolie red, yellow wheat children, is the Dragon Boat Festival May tenth; door plug Ai, fragrant full house, Longchuan game radiant; night fragrant dumplings, Wu Liang package, peel rice dumplings wrapped in sugar; long years of happy life!I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!    This is a friend sent me greetings and the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, read the blessing of friends in front of me seemed to smell the fragrance of a Unit dumplings, then, a yearning arises spontaneously!    Every festival pro, in our Chinese people’s eyes, care and miss the festival has become a culture, flowing in our blood!    Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four major annual festival, is a traditional Chinese folk festival, is one of our traditional festival of Han Chinese, people usually called the fifth day of the Lunar New Year Dragon Boat Festival, also known in some places also this festival as “Dragon Boat Festival ” section in days, ” Doll Festival ‘,’ children’s day ‘, etc..It is said that May is poison months, five days a poisonous day, five-day at noon is poison, ranking the end of the three drugs.Dragon Boat Festival is also called the “end of May”.And because May is the beginning of the whole hot day, five snakes become active, ghosts and monsters will be rampant, which will give a particularly cynical nor give children the ability to resist the disaster, we must end this day in May focus for the children to ward off anti-virus, and therefore, people again in May Dragon Boat Festival as “child Festival” or “doll Festival”.May 20, 2006, the State Council approved the folk have been included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.Dragon Boat Festival is also the official in a legal way to becoming one of the country holidays!    Dragon Boat Festival for different opinions, some say due to commemorate Qu Yuan, according to “Historical Records” and “Yuan Jia Sheng Biography” records, Qu Yuan is the grandson of the Spring and Autumn Period minister.He advocated the virtuous empowerment, Fuguoqiangbing, advocated Qi Gang Qin, vanilla aristocracy, who were strongly opposed, Qu Yuan was greedy resigned, were expelled from the capital, exiled to Yuan, Xiang River Valley.So, he was in exile, wrote a concern for the fate of “Lament”, “Heaven”, “Nine Songs” and other immortal poems, unique style, far-reaching (and therefore, the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as a poet).In 278 B.C., the Qin Army conquered the capital of Chu.Qu Yuan after seeing their country was invaded, heart, but still could not bear to abandon their homeland, in the May 5 this day wrote swan song as “Huaisha” bouldering vote Miluo River in his death, his own life to write the song magnificent patriotic movement.Legend of Qu Yuan’s death, Chu abnormal grief people have flocked to pay tribute to Qu Yuan Miluo River.Fishermen who is starting vessels, take the initiative to salvage his back and forth on the river Mami.Of these, a fisherman out to Qu Yuan preparation of rice, eggs and other food, “thump, thump” thrown into the river, that is to allow the fish to eat crab, lobster, it will not bite the body of the flexor doctor.People see below followed suit.An old doctor also brought a jar of wine on them poured into the river, that is to drugs halo water dragon beast, to avoid hurting flexor doctor.Later, for the fear of the dragon balls to eat, people come up with neem leaves board, Cai wire wrapped around outside, to develop into “Zongzi”, so after the fifth of May each year on this day, there is a dragon boat racing, eating dumplings , the custom of drinking realgar wine in order to commemorate the famous patriotic poet.Expression of the people who cherish the memory of loved!    This is just one of the legendary stories about the Dragon Boat Festival, now two thousand years later, the park in 2006, and then in the form of national legislation will be finalized this traditional festival, even a respect for history, but also of our loved ones miss the most vivid manifestation, is the most direct manifestation of human nature and culture!    Carry forward the traditional culture, it is one of the most direct symbol of national spirit, but also a historical responsibility, now is not the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in the traditional sense, and, like other festivals became our relatives, friends and loved deepest the thoughts of love.    Another four days that this year’s Dragon Boat Festival friends, to welcome the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival, every corner of the street has been picking up, sadly, some businesses take advantage of this holiday hawkers, deliberately raise the market price related items associated with the Dragon Boat Festival, take a glutinous rice as the price rise day by day, prices have become astronomical dates, dates turned up a pound of people think that price, his wife returned from the market have failed to have uneven, but this can not help it?Originally a period of deep feelings, reality always feel very much so, to see his wife’s situation like sitting next to the TV, I was also a look of helplessness!    Some businesses always like to make a fuss about our holiday for the Dragon Boat Festival is the same, turn a blind eye phenomenon, and some can promote the extension of traditional culture, but some may damage the image of traditional festivals most true in varying degrees, we helpless, but we have to think, because a traditional culture when it loses its meaning, even though the country then that is what is good form to record meaningless!A nation loses its own traditional culture like the blood off the outstanding missing source, it is a terrible thing!    Dragon Boat Festival is coming, write some text even my most vivid description of this festival, but also to bring my pen on the occasion of the current thinking on holiday, excellent traditional culture is everyone’s spiritual pursuit, we to think it, extend it, and then maintain it is a responsibility, a mission!    In my memory, the Dragon Boat Festival usually eat, “dumplings” based, of which there is an activity that day to come when the Dragon Boat Festival, our parents went early to cut the field of AI on both sides of the door, this in fact, the traditional approach characteristic of this crop and Ai have a great relationship, Ai, in some places, also known as mugwort, Asteraceae, perennial herb.Autumn flowering, whole aromatic odor, the aroma of rubbing thicker, leaves the medicine to medicine, warm, bitter, and the camp has blood, warm uterus, relieving wet function.Indications irregular menstruation, vaginal discharge embolism.Oil leaves the role of asthma, antitussive, expectorant and anti-inflammatory, a variety of moxa, moxa Ai column was made of burning moxibustion corresponding points on the body, while the hot gas temperature can reach through the blood, up through the meridians, let better blood circulation, which can treat a variety of diseases alpine.Shihai early with the leaves fumes in the countryside, it has a strong repel insects, kill bacteria and the role of viral suppression.    If we do a simple understanding of this crop Ai, the Dragon Boat Festival will better understand the origin of this plant and Ai Passion of the matter, a time when the Lunar New Year Dragon Boat Festival in May, Li is also the midsummer plague epidemic season, commonly known as “evil month”.So the “Big Day ceremony” on: “build orchid, also for bathing.”.The purpose of the cleaning bath, in addition to asserting poison gas, which is bad for the month of May, with Ai also taken measures against various diseases of positive prevention.    Now, to achieve scientific development now, measures to prevent heat has brought about a lot, but at the time of the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, some places still seem to be in a form on both sides of the door release Ai practice, however, is still interpretation of evil people in May bring day, relatives, lovers physical well-being of the most real blessings!    Dragon Boat Festival, still worried about heart and mind, miss, blessings of the text!    The end of this article, I hope my friends, when the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, physical well-being!    June 12, 2010 essay [Editor: Yuet Wah]