Fall in love with a cup of coffee

I have a habit, a to noon and wanted to get close to his bed for a while, even ten minutes to lie down, but also the feeling of comfort to the body, full of energy.Habit for many years – the lunch break, had a natural.With increasing age, energy is declining, this habit of reliance on the more obvious, a little rest is not good, people like the plague, like listlessness, which will inevitably be detrimental to the work.    Came to the private sector to work for four years, perhaps the private sector too lost the humane management day work beyond eight hours when not, necessarily have a poor month, two days rest day, tired body, not again revealing, like a good come back at noon for a lunch break, it can only be a fantasy thing.This is the human body, like a rubber band, you do not always stop to pull Zhang Shi, over time, will lose its proper function of the stretch, there have loose negligent, in order to maintain long-term elasticity.This man, too, leader Lenin once said, “will not rest will not work.”Fully demonstrated the rest in order to better work.    In order to alleviate the noon lunch break the habit of bromine problems, I can only think of driving sleepy square cast in the body, so they do everything possible for their own looking for “refreshment”, so that my brain pleasure centers and has remained at work working order.    Well now, do not go out to the world to know something, turn on the computer to “modern teachers’ advice, do not have to.Typing on the keyboard, click the mouse, unfolding before our eyes: on refreshing, soothe the nerves, the disabled, medicinal, edible, let me dizzying.Sitting at the table, after thinking it over, pick to choose to go, choose diet recipes, afraid to gain weight, influence slim, not reality; choose to eat chocolate, and I really do not like it too sweet taste; always the case and found others advocate smoking to improve the pleasure center of the brain; there are a wide variety, such as: pumpkin, pepper, tea, etc..So I checked viable, harmless, easy-brewed coffee as the best drink I refreshing, because I like the bitter taste of coffee before.    In the past have tasted, it is coffee beans, they have time to slowly grind processed later, it is not bitter coffee with sugar, that is the most pure coffee flavor, the kind of bitter sweet taste of natural and instant coffee the taste is not the same.    Only from repurchase vat of instant coffee, drink a lot easier, but also refreshing, as I like Rumo as in love with it.This does not, winter afternoon, leaning on electrical fire bucket of warm ocean, being a little lazy wanting to get some sleep.At this point, I come quickly rush a cup of strong coffee, look at their favorite books, walking in the text, music and picture of the corridor while enjoying, tasting the steaming coffee, the thick viscous Run the coffee in the mouth throat at Run Why, then gradually back to more than a rhyme from the Adam’s apple, and then distribute the tongue from one kind of bitter sweet, fragrant, sweet.Ranging from a glass of drinking, I do not know where to go sleepy lazy to go.    Hand stick thick coffee, coffee around the brain but at the moment did not stop, in turn, in thought!Vicissitudes of life!Another example is the cup of coffee, a product that lifestyle ah!      Xiao Mei 2012.11.26.In office