A bouquet of roses, some affinity

May of that year that the classroom that day a lot calmer than usual, because the next day is to leave school days.Confused and helpless I accidentally opened his notebook, also happened to see the “long-term if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night.”.I think this should be revealed to him my feelings now, but I want to say, “How can it be sexual gratification between Chaomu, but who can understand that in the 365 days long night.”.Then my heart brought back long for his.When happy: the first time to share with each other, while worries: to give each other solve problems, failure: to give each other encouragement.Two years, we have your companionship and care enough.You do not expect me give you how much your intent is to give my love and dedication.Two years I can only say thanks many times between mind you, nice to have you by my side.You know my life is the happiest thing.  May 21, 2011 sunny morning, the school held student speech contest.See you at the podium that vigorous temperament and catchy word order, that’s my kind of special favor to you.Is a great sunny weekend we were the same Rose Hill, where we chatted unrestrained laugh.We in the hearts of each other planted the seeds of love, you have me I have you.Accidents will happen, then dark clouds began to downpour.Back to school is your first time for me to find a towel to get dry clothes juggle, I was moved again.  February 14, 2012 Valentine’s night, you gave away a life of a bouquet of roses.You say her first word: “my girlfriend okay”, but I refuse your affection, do not know why you are not good enough.At that time my heart is very happy and scared, happy because I like school because you’re afraid it might affect you refuse my love of learning.But I do not know this but hurt you, it did not ruin the bouquet of roses you my love and friendship, although after a night where did you not speak and contact me.  Leave school for two years, now you have your her I have my him.Me and you can not be together, so you have a bunch of roses and I ended.But I occasionally think of you, and with you bit by bit.Whether between love or friendship will last forever and this affection in my heart.