A kind of musical instrument called Xun, whimpering your sadness

In Ganyu Liuliqiao where there is a production studio pottery, black pottery kneading with a lot of work, there are vases with ornaments, musical instruments, do not know the master would use black pottery firing instrument Xun called it?    I imagine a black pottery production master spy pick with fine black pottery in his studio in the same villa, depicting a man named Xun instruments, this will be what kind of mood?  Is not feeling like I wrote those words time, I feel that all of creation is figured, are in heaven and exchange.    The kind of musical instrument called Xun seems very sad, blown “whining” sound of the wilderness, but also very faith and perseverance, people feel sad and distant, people hear the heart, Xun, originally belonging to Chinese culture.  Was carried forward by the Japanese Xun to play two distant music “Hometown of original scenery,” “Castle in the Sky,” and so there should be a lot, people listen into the heart, so the Chinese people should strive to ah, with Chinese culture original appeared in a better life for the job, can not let the Japanese do better than us, and I’m mad scientist who keep wild hair hairstyle conductor, tonight to lead the piano, violin, cello, saxophone, harp, Xun.  Interpretation of the song “a kind of musical instrument called Xun” “original home of the landscape”, “Sky City” in the home’s original scenery, is a yellow color of the village, long burning smoke, some puppies in the village ground slapstick.A flock of birds twittering in the house next to the grass, the city in the sky.  The boy in the fireworks, the girl opened a mask, a pair of eyes and a water Want Xiuli face.    Adhere to those beautiful words, what I need to do, like those music studio, film studio, art production studio.