Degree, not just a philosophical term in the book. Degree more widely exists in daily life, and exists in the discretion of each of us in speaking and doing things.. Although it can’t be seen or touched, it is something everyone with a sound mind must know. There is no number, even the daily life. Eating too much will damage the spleen and stomach. Drinking too much hurts the liver and kidney. Too much exercise, labor and work will also cause physical damage. Even if it is too much fun, it will not do any good. Not only will it hurt your body, but it will also be because of your plaything.! Excessive or excessive, in fact, is not know the discretion, not properly grasp the degree. In daily life, eating and drinking can be measured by intuition, and individuals can still grasp it well.. The social situation is different, no matter whether you are an official, a businessman, a part-time worker or a student, you will encounter many new situations and problems, and you will meet all kinds of people – familiar and unfamiliar. Sincere and hypocritical; aboveboard and sinister dealings. Due to the complexity of the situation, intuition alone is not enough to speak, do things and deal with interpersonal relationships. Many times, we must grasp the degree with rational thinking to grasp the discretion of good things. Jokes are the spice of life. Where there are people, there are jokes. The joke was well played, funny and humorous, enlivened the atmosphere, harmonious relations, promoted unity and played a positive role.. Joking, of course, can be fun, can be sarcastic, but must not expose the family’s background and scars, do not hurt other people’s face and self – esteem, do not insult other people’s personality, not to mention their physical defects. If you don’t grasp this degree, the joke will go too far and hurt other people’s personality and self – esteem, which will lead to disharmony and conflict and affect unity.. Because of the joke, make discord, have opinions with each other is not interesting. So, joke to have a degree. Helping others is a good thing, but helping others also requires a good degree. As a child, xinfengxia often had to raise his voice when learning to play, and had once hired a string teacher surnamed Li.. Later, the new master felt that Li’s hand tone was not good. Xin Feng Xia did not want to ask Li to hang up, but it was not convenient to say to Li Zhi. Then he said,’ Can’t afford to spend money, don’t hang up’. However, Li Xianshi was very good-natured and said to Xin Fengxia, ” The big ye don’t want your money. I have to give you such a good voice.. ‘ xinfengxia is very difficult, hanging, afraid of broken throat, not hanging, and embarrassed. Mr. Li was also very enthusiastic. As long as he saw Xin Fengxia in the background, he took the initiative to find Xiao Feng and said, ” Come to a section”. Xin Fengxia had to often talk about abdominal pain, headache, cold and so on. When he couldn’t get rid of it, he reluctantly hung up a few words.. On one occasion, I couldn’t hide from him. I hung a section of draft regulations on flower media. His string was too dry. He hung it, and Xiao Feng wept and cried and said,’ I won’t hang it, I won’t hang it. ‘ big ye Li this just pack up string son. Obviously, uncle Li’s excessive zeal has made xinfengxia very difficult. Therefore, even if you help others and do good things, you should also be enthusiastic. This level is that people should be willing to accept it.. If the other party declines politely, don’t try to be reluctant to do so, otherwise, the effect is not good and it can only embarrass others and yourself.. When people get along with each other, there will inevitably be contradictions and disputes. To deal with such matters, we must also have a certain degree.. There is a saying that ” we have to manage and spare people” and a saying that ” we have to spare people and spare people.”. This refers to people’s two different attitudes in dealing with conflicts and disputes. The first sentence says that when he takes charge of the situation, he will not spare people and will chase after the other side with all his might. He will only take a good rest if he has to make the other side flustered, lose face, fail to get off the stage, or must retaliate harshly against the other side.. However, if people are so reasonable and forgiving, they have done their job and the nature of things will change.. Originally, people’s sympathy for you returned to each other, and you may be criticized or despised by everyone.. So, don’t be too rude to do things, you have to leave room for them, and don’t push people into disrepute.. Rational also should let people have three points, leave others a face and step down, which not only reflects your magnanimity and generosity, but also leaves a way for yourself.. If you don’t grasp this degree properly, you may be able to avenge your wrongs. If you don’t have it, you won’t have any benefit to yourself or others.. When dealing with contradictions and disputes, I appreciate the practice of ” getting rid of people and forgiving people” and treat people with a broad mind, tolerance and benevolence, which is more rational and measured.. Tolerance is a virtue, but it should also be measured. Report a cleaning worker somewhere and advise a melon seed eater not to spit melon shells on the ground again. Only to find that he was spit a mouthful of phlegm on his face. At that time, the cleaner not only didn’t ask the other side to wipe away the filth on her face, but instead said’ sorry’ to the other side when she was insulted maliciously, so she won’ injustice award’. It is true that the customer is God, but the cleaner is not a slave to God. I think this blatant insult and malicious injury should not be tolerated, and I cannot tolerate mistakes and indulge in bad behavior, because it is tantamount to helping the tyrant to commit abuses.. This melon seed eater should be allowed to wipe off the phlegm on his face and apologize to the cleaner..If the cleaner cannot win the prize because of this, I think this ” grievance award” is not acceptable. Love also needs moderation. Love, cold, low temperature not line; Hot burning, the temperature is too high also not line. Too high a temperature will scorch love for baking paste. I have an acquaintance whose wife loves his husband very much. He didn’t get home in half an hour after work, and the phone rang and asked why he hasn’t got home yet.. Sometimes, when Mr. Li’s cell phone is dead, she calls Mr. Li’s leaders and even goes to the leadership office to find someone and ask where he has gone, and the leaders are all bored by her.. Such a crazy love for the law was neither justified nor overheated. His husband couldn’t breathe and felt quite oppressive. In the end, the marriage was scorched by the overheated temperature and the two men had to break up.. Love for children also has a problem of degree and cannot be passed. Love, love and fondness are all right, but they can’t be too doted on or too doted on. At school, he only gives thousands of yuan of pocket money every month. Isn’t this encouraging him to spend money indiscriminately?. For personal life and hygiene, the child will not be allowed to do what he does. Some young people are parents, but they still can’t cook and eat. Is this sad or happy?? It is inappropriate for parents to allow their children to be cattle and horses and to be cattle and horses for their children, and neither of them is sure of the degree of success.. Parents should help their children, but don’t overdo it. Everything has its own degree. In work and life, the degree of control is everywhere. Our ancestors have long had a profound understanding of the degree of grasping things, such as” adding one point is too long and subtracting one point is too short,”,’ dusting is too white and applying beads is too red,”,’ not high, not low,”,’ not too good’ and so on, are they not hoping to grasp things accurately?. Most successful people are masters of the degree of mastery. It can be seen how important it is to grasp things well.. ‘ Truth goes one more step forward and becomes falsehood. ‘ It’s not good to grasp the degree of things, not to become” fallacy”, or” too much of a thing’. Of course, to grasp a proper degree of all kinds of difficult problems well is the question of universities in the world, which requires our constant study, thinking and accumulation of experience..