After driving

I want to have a car when I don’t have one. Think about the trouble of waiting for a bus every time you go out, getting off and changing the bus, and look at the natural and unrestrained way others come and go in the car. That desire is really torture people..   I didn’t know that driving was really good until I really had a car and got on the road..   Every time I drive out, my mother always tells me to be careful on the road and drive slowly. His wife also said that when he saw a pedestrian on the road, he would walk slowly, and when someone crossed the road, he would stop and let him go first. Also, I chatted with my son from other places on the Internet a few days ago. He advised me to drive to work, saying it was too cold in winter and my old legs would not be afraid of cold, so I could hear my heart warm.. It turned out that my family’s concern for me was buried in the bottom of my heart on weekdays, and only after driving did they know that they really cared about me.   I didn’t really think about the dangers of walking in those days when I rode to work. I didn’t know how important it was for pedestrians to avoid passing traffic in time until after driving.. Think about your carelessness when riding a bike before, and it must have caused many drivers to hate you.. After driving, I realized that I thought I would obey the traffic rules at ordinary times. In fact, others have already worried about me very much.. If you don’t drive, your own shortcomings may never be known.   Suddenly one day, I was in trouble with traffic jam. It was sad to see those skilled people still jumping the queue from left to right in the team. Fortunately, the traffic police arrived quickly and shuttled through the traffic to direct everyone to move forward. The traffic jam was cleared in a short time.. When I passed by him, I found him staring at himself with concern. After driving, only to find that the traffic police who seem to have a serious face on weekdays are actually very cute. Just understand that ordinary people like me will also get attention from others. The mutual understanding and love that life makes us understand is just because we have a car that we become more direct and image..   That afternoon, the weather changed suddenly in the past few days, and in the evening there was a strong wind, with dust and snow flying along the road.. Seeing those people bending over their backs and heading for the wind, they think that they were still one of them last year, but now they are free from such hard work in the car. I’m glad that life has given me special care so that I can truly understand the happiness in the window after driving..   It’s good to drive! After driving, I not only enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by modern civilization, but also experience of driving is gradually overturning those concepts that I once ossified, and it is also good for me to see the other side of life..