Please note that diet with 9 big taboo

  Many lives for health and abide by the motto on all kinds of diets。 But you know what those people are eating motto has always been convinced, in fact, many are full of one-sidedness of lies。 However, with the development of technology and the improvement of people's health needs, some of us take for granted in everyday life is not the healthy way of eating will gradually be revealed the。 I hope you will pay attention under the usual diet, as long as the master of this degree, you will not because they are victims of。   I. What are the symptoms encountered seafood will suffer gout: Some seafood high in Princeton, cause human metabolic disorders, gout aggravated condition, so seafood high in Princeton, such as silver pomfret, tilapia, pomfret, lice head of fish, grass carp, carp, mullet, carp, shark, whitebait, gout patients are unfit for human consumption。
  Leukemia: suffering from leukemia and other bleeding disorders who should not eat high fat content of seafood。
  Patients with liver cirrhosis: like sardines, Pacific saury, tuna, mackerel rich in such fish oil content of seafood, liver cirrhosis patients should try to reduce the consumption。
  Second, other seafood diet taboos and some foods not to eat seafood, so there must food taboos when seafood can be assured dine Oh!  Crab + persimmon, eggplant: not with persimmon crab, eggplant eat, so as not to damage the stomach。   Silver pomfret, silver fish, croaker, herring + cattle, Yang: These fish should not use cattle, Yang You frying, one is due to cattle, Yang smell a little heavy, is likely to affect the taste of fish; and secondly these fish belonging hair was allergic itch eat more easily, and the cattle, Yang easily condensed cooling stiff, cold weather cattle, suet cooking around the mouth after eating feeling tend to have wrinkled, both Taken together, the feeling is more obvious。
  Third, the taboo of stroke between the meat and disease, heart disease, high blood pressure patients should not eat meat: meat of heat, have a higher fat and protein, so as stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure patients and so on, they should not eat。
  Patients with febrile illness: Chinese medicine, people suffering from febrile disease during the medication, should be fasting or eating less meat, because meat greasy prone to heat, to help wet, the role of phlegm, after eating will encourage Evils , worsens。
  Fourth, the consumption of meat food taboos history between the meat and other food a long, Taboo and thus found among many other foods with, may wish to pay attention to, or separated as far as two hours or more, such as digestion almost eaten later。