Me and my babies

Me and my baby author: Yingjiao / QQ: 167040343813, Monday, November 25, 2013, the cold night before going to bed, I remembered that the new shopping mall was about to open and was in the process of hiring. I said, ” I really want to go there and rent a counter, but I don’t know what to sell.”. The daughter said, ” You can sell whatever you like in our house.”! I looked around and thought of some recent troubles and said, ” There is not much at home. Many things are still far from each other.”… What is not much is quite annoying ( dialect troubles, worries )! ‘ The daughter said, ” Then you can only turn the troublesome money into money if you sell it.”. ‘ Ah! – It’s really a melon baby. Who wants it? Nobody wants any change. ‘ she this is not what idea idea idea is amused me. ( prose net: World Wide Web. Three articles. Net ) but she also took it seriously: ” quite vexed is different from quite vexed. garbage can be recycled and can not be recycled. all garbage is recycled, isn’t it?”? ‘ It seems very reasonable ah, ha, ha, ha, the child is teaching me to turn waste into treasure and turn harm into profit. ! It’s getting cold and snowy. It’s a big problem to dress and get up in the morning for the son of preschool class. Today, I was really tired of him and scolded him: ” Just like you, you have to open your mouth and stretch out your hand, and your mother has to beg for food and clothing.? Like you said, how can you beat Japan too small? It was not until the Japanese missiles were thrown that they were sober and dressed.?! We have to learn from other children, exercise hard, build up our bodies, and then learn to grow up to make better missiles. If they beat us, we can beat them ten of them.. ‘ I didn’t expect my son to be able to beat them by 100,000 in one fell swoop.. ‘ say that finish will actively cooperate to wear clothes. I felt a little violent, hehe, hurriedly said, ” I don’t beat the common people, shoot the horses first, capture the thief first, and I will beat tokyo and beat the emperor.”. Then you must learn mathematics well, or the calculated data will not be accurate. ‘ The son said: ” Then I won a 100 – branch math exam.”? Okay, good, good. Walk le -, go to school, take an examination of one hundred points, grow up and play small Japan! Author: Ying Jiao / QQ: 1670403438